Proposal Site Samples that will Help You Win Deals

by Ruben 2 Minutes

When you look at the proposal site samples available on the internet today, it becomes clear that certain formats are more effective than the rest. Knowing how to structure the proposal isn’t enough though. The key factor that will make the difference between landing a contract and losing out to a competitor lies on your approach to personalization.

The personalization process on the proposal site samples entails more than just adding your company information into the document and addressing the client on the cover letter. It requires you to do some research on the needs and goals of the client then stating how your service can deliver on their requirements. You should include the feasibility of your proposed solution, its timeline of completion, and cost. That way, recipients can make an informed judgment even during his/her first reading.

Here are some pointers on how to customize proposal site samples that will help you win deals each and every time:

Pay attention to what the client says

Oftentimes, contractors and agency managers become too focused on selling their services that they forget to address the needs of their target market. Instead of highlighting how amazing your company is, it’s really about time for you to pay attention to what the client is saying. Tailor-fit your offers to suit their needs to show prospects that you are on their side.

The concerns can relate to anything from the design elements you should integrate on their website (for web building projects) to the implementation of a new software system. Address their concerns by giving them specific information about your process and/or related services such as website testing.

See it from the client’s perspective

Start looking at the proposal site samples the same way a client would. What information would make your company attractive to the client? Provide a detailed explanation about how the solution you’re proposing would improve efficiency in their organization, increase sales, or help them get better brand awareness.

The reader of your proposal should feel that the document is written for them. So start thinking as a solutions-provider rather than just a product salesman. Remember, in the service business, it’s all about building trust and long-term relationships with buyers.

Prove information about past contracts

It can be difficult for clients to trust a new provider with a complex project. This is understandable especially if this is the first time they met you or heard of you. To assuage their fears, it may be a good idea to demonstrate how you dealt with similar challenges in the past. Give them examples of past work.

By following these tips about proposal site samples, you can ensure that you or the agency you’re handling will remain at the top of its game. Landing contracts now takes a lot more effort whether you’re starting out or are running an established company. The cut-throat competition out there will make sure only the best and most adaptable will survive.

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by Ruben
Ruben originally founded proposal software, Bidsketch as a one-person company while working as a software developer for a billion dollar payroll company. Since its early days as a “company of one,” Bidsketch has grown to help over 2,000 paying customers win billions of dollars in new business and save thousands of hours in the process.