Tips in Creating a Marketing Proposal Structure

by Ruben 3 Minutes

Hearing the words, “send me a marketing proposal” is music to the ears of many agency executives, freelancers, and consultants. This provides them the necessary opening to cement a long and lucrative relationship with clients. If you’re just starting out in the business though, you may be wondering what the marketing proposal structure should look like.

In essence, the marketing proposal should be a heavily-researched plan that can hopefully land you a long-term contract. The structure of the plan itself may depend on the industry you’re in and the client you’re hoping to get. Here are some of the objectives that must be tackled in the marketing proposal structure:

  • Identifying problems in the current marketing campaign to determine areas of improvement
  • Looking at fresh opportunities in the marketplace that the company can take advantage of
  • Setting realistic and measurable goals that will provide clarity with regards to the effectiveness of the plan
  • Providing direction for future marketing efforts of the company

For a marketing agency or a freelancer who is hoping to land a project, the focus should be on outlining strategies that may be helpful for the client. Each suggestion should have an explanation and a cost-benefit analysis. It is only then that the prospective client can make an accurate judgment call on the veracity of the plan. The plan should be direct and have a solid basis.

How to Get the Message Out

Whether the prospective client wants to dominate as the “lowest-priced retailer”, “specialty shop”, or a “luxury outlet”, the main thing is for you to identify the methods that will help him/her achieve the goal. The marketing proposal structure must contain suggestions about which channels are most relevant. In some cases, the most effective way can only be determined through testing. Make sure to include that on your proposal if this is the case in the client’s industry.

Every marketing strategy you’ll identify will cost money. Outline how the marketing dollars will be spend and what the possible return on investment would be. Since you cannot fully anticipate the audience’s reaction to the ads and other campaigns, refrain from providing guarantees this early in the game.

There are many strategies you can consider for the marketing proposal including the following:

Brochures – leaflets and flyers are known to be a cost-effective solution for marketing. However, this requires upfront costs and possibly high distribution costs. It is important to ensure that the recipients of the brochures are highly targeted. Otherwise, it would be a waste of effort.

Direct mail – while many companies are starting to overlook direct mails, it is still relatively effective. There are many types of paraphernalia you can include on the mail ranging from coupons, catalogues, and sales letters among others.

Print advertisement – determine the type of print publications the target market usually reads. Is it weekly magazines, broadsheets, or free tabloids? It may also be a good idea to write a sponsored article which talks about the features of your product/service.

Online advertisement – this is a must in any marketing proposal structure. There are many ways to promote on the internet including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and paid advertisement among others. Be sure to provide comprehensive details on the pros and cons of each option.


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by Ruben
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