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Imagine it’s just weeks before the holidays.

With your shopping list in hand, you set off to brave the teeming crowds at the mall. Maybe you’re excited. Maybe you’re dreading it…

But those presents aren’t going to buy themselves!

Some people live for shopping in retail stores. Others (I’m raising my hand here) would rather stay in our stretchy sweatpants and order everything online.

Brands like Amazon have transformed what the retail landscape looks like. Yet, despite this massive upheaval, retailers continue to find success using time-tested marketing principles.

They work on us all the time.

Most people are completely unaware of them.

Once we identify those principles, we can apply them to build stronger connections with customers in our own businesses.

So let’s dig in.

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

Inspirational success stories are everywhere you look.

But stories about business failure?

Those are harder to find.

Failure is uncomfortable – and persistent. But the more successful you want to be, the more failure there is to overcome.

Way too many of us are treating these struggles like dirty secrets. So let’s stop right now. Instead, let’s pull failure into the light and figure out how we can overcome it to reach our goals.

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

For some, content marketing funnels seemed like just another fad. These marketers were suspicious, preferring promotions and paid ads.

But content marketing advocates have history on their side. This last decade in particular has shown us that, when done right, content marketing lives up to the hype. Brands like Hubspot and Quick Sprout have used it with tremendous success.

In an age where hundreds of millions use ad blockers and the public is bombarded by thousands of marketing messages daily, it’s never been more important for brands to give people something they actually want to interact with.

The trouble?

While practically every marketer understands the potential of content marketing driven funnel, most of us aren’t doing it as well as we should.


Let’s get to the bottom of this!

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

For many of us, successful Silicon Valley startups can seem like aliens.

If we don’t have a tech business of our own – or even if we just live in a different area – there may be a lot we struggle to understand.

Most of us simply read the crazy success stories and admire them from afar. We assume that our businesses are just too different from theirs to compare.

That’s a shame. Because, while there are some differences between the business models, the principles that make them work can help you too – regardless of your niche.

You’re probably wondering how.

So let’s dive in!

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton

Raise your hand if you spend your workdays as productively as possible.

Hand still down?

Me too.

I’ve yet to meet someone who has truly mastered this. Even if your productivity is pretty on point right now, there are always a few more minutes to squeeze out of each workday.

Everyone wants to be more productive.

But the problems with that are twofold: 1) we aren’t always sure about what “being more productive” looks like, and 2) taking the wrong approach to improve.

Tired of struggling with this?

Let’s pinpoint where most people go wrong. Then we’ll talk about how to use a data-driven approach to fix it!

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Corey PembertonCorey Pemberton