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Virtual OfficeWhether you’re just starting out or have a nice long list of clients, as a freelancer you don’t want to struggle with getting your affairs in order.

What you really want to be focusing on is taking care of what matters, so you can provide your clients with awesome work (and get paid).

Unfortunately, solely focusing on the work is easier said than done. The reality is that there needs be a certain amount of organization and systemizing that goes into your freelance business so it can run like a well oiled machine.

One of the most beneficial things I’ve learned in my years as a business owner is how to take advantage of all the amazing tools that help me manage my time, business and money.

To save you the trouble of fumbling your way through the early days of freelancing, let me share a few of my favourite tools that have helped me along the way.

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Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson

Build a Client ListWhen you’re 100% responsible for finding new clients to fill your freelancing portfolio, one of the biggest hurdles is how to get your name and services out there, right?

If you really aren’t comfortable with this, then obviously it’s going to make building a client base (and ultimately a career), quite difficult for you.

In an effort to get to the bottom of why you may be struggling with this, and more importantly how you can work around it, or make it work for you, I went directly to the source: you, the freelancer!

After reading through all the responses, there seems to be an overwhelming trend that emerged — which has been turned into 5 simple ways to start building your ultimate freelancing client list.

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Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson

SalesWith the holiday season just around the corner there are a lot of opportunities to get more clients and make more sales through creative use of discounts and promotions.

You just have to start planning now to take advantage of what is commonly known as the crazy holiday spending period.

And while there are a number of tactics you can use such as bundling your services or creating special one off promotional packages, it’s what you DO after this rush of sales and new clients that will really make the difference.

I want you to avoid the common mistake that so many people make with losing brand-new customers, which is zero follow up or relationship marketing and no attempts at building trust.

So, here are five strategies you can take post-sale to continue to build a relationship that will serve you for much longer than those flash holiday sales!

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Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson

You are a hard working entrepreneur constantly on the hunt for more clients and more income.

You may have tried several times to change up your pricing packages, offer other services, or simply take on more clients in order to bring in more money.

But what you probably never got taught at Business School was the art of persuasion, which is actually a science. And I bet no-one ever told you how powerful persuasion techniques can be, when used right, for convincing more people to buy from you and more clients to say yes to that proposal or contract.

So let’s dig into some key techniques you can start applying today:
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Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson

How do you go about raising your prices and not offending your clients?

It may seem easier to just target new clients with your targeted online and offline strategies, some of which we’ve covered here before.

Yet that approach focuses on attracting new clients only and we all know that keeping hold of an existing client, and continuing to work with them, is way more cost and time effective for you and them.

So how do you handle the moment when you need to raise your prices?
How do you keep your loyal customers and make them realise that you’re worth more?

I wanted to lead through some real life case studies from completely different business owners and freelancers to see what worked for them (and what didn’t) so you can apply their lessons to your own situation.

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Natalie SissonNatalie Sisson