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Sometimes going into the unknown can result in your most surprising business story.

There is too much noise on the Internet right now. When you try to google a specific subject to learn and find new ideas, you get loads of generic articles that seem to copy-past the same cliché sentences and pieces of advice. And a lot of times you’ll hear that you should not reinvent the wheel, because it’s easier to follow the successful pattern of your competition.

At the end of the day is that really you? Does these articles provoke one of those “aha” moments or you simply nod your head using the logic and think: “Yeah, this is how things probably work, because they said so, and they are successful.”

But will that work for you? Do you see yourself using these techniques and most importantly do you feel good about using them?

This story will show you the basic steps of thinking we used to get to the moment of understanding what it means to “do what nobody else does” as Steli Efti pointed out in the title of his book about follow up emails.

It might be something you have figured out by now and I’m very glad if you did. But sometimes even though you read an inspiring article and nod your head approving the idea it stays just that –  an idea. Your brain is still not ready to connect it to the knowledge you already have.

In my life nothing is 1,2,3 because I jump from 1 to 5 to get back to number 3 and I land into a confusion that makes me feel like I’m in a deep fog. In the end, at one point, the dots connect. I see the spark and I’m finally able to understand and implement new ideas. Do you feel that way? Or it’s just me?

Anyway, I got it all sorted out and I’ll share with you logical steps that lead to it.

Yes, we are still talking about humor, but there is a bigger story behind it. And my goal is not only to help you figure out if humor is the right thing for your business, but to make you ask yourself what is the right thing to do.

Let’s start.

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Nina CvijovicNina Cvijovic