Bidsketch Update: Electronic Signatures, Categories, and Full iOS 5 Support

I’m a big fan of having a paperless office; that’s why I’m so excited about the latest release:

You’ll now be able to have clients sign proposals online with the new built in electronic signature feature.

Included in this newest update is an easier way to organize your fees/sections as well as full mobile support if you’re running iOS 5 on your iPad or iPhone.

Electronic Signatures

If you’re able to get your clients to view proposals online you’ll get some great benefits from using the built in electronic signature feature.

The main benefit: Getting a signed proposal is much faster because they don’t have to print, sign, and fax it back.  A great side benefit is that clients love the convenience of going paperless so it’s a great way to start a new client relationship.

If you’re on the Studio or Agency plans, you’ll see the option to use this feature when sending out proposals:


If you enable this feature your client will be prompted to sign the proposal once they’ve accepted it:



Once your client signs the proposal both of you will be able to download the PDF with the signatures appended to it:


Signed Proposal


On the proposal details page you’ll find a link that will show audit information associated with the signatures:



Some additional notes about using electronic signatures:

  • RightSignature integration will still work but you can only use one or the other. If you have RightSignature integration enabled, it will override the built in electronic signature feature.
  • Once a proposal is signed it can no longer be edited but you can still copy/delete the proposal. This ensures we’re in compliant on the legal side of things.
  • You can read the legal details here if you have any questions about whether it’s legally binding.
  • This feature is available to the following plans: Studio, Premium, Business, and Agency.

Categories for Sections and Fees

I’m often told that being able to easily reuse content to create proposals is one of the best things about Bidsketch. I’m happy to report that we’ve made that even easier by introducing fee and section categories.

When editing a fee or section you’ll see a new category dropdown:


Adding a section or fee to a category will make it easy to use the same name for different types of services and tell them apart when viewing them in list view or when importing them into a proposal:




Note that categories will help you better organize your sections and fees so they won’t appear on the proposal itself.

Full iOS 5 Support

If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS version 5 then you’ll be able to use all features within Bidsketch. This includes, creating, editing and sending proposals. Your clients will also be able to view, accept, and export to PDF.

The biggest hurdle with providing mobile support on for Apple devices was the HTML editor support within the operating system. This latest version of iOS finally lets us use the same HTML editor you can use in desktop browsers.


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Patty Gale

Ruben, you rock! These are awesome features.

I, too, am a huge fan of a paperless office. We finally took the time this past weekend and switched from regular Gmail to Google Apps for our company. No more printed day planner or to-do lists for us.


Already using it and it’s great – impresses the clients and cuts through any tyre kickers real quick!



WOW! Thanks…you guys rock!


Thanks everyone! Glad to hear the excitement about the new features 🙂


I am so impressed with your system and so are my clients. This is awesome!


Good work! I really like the new features!!


Haven’t used the new features yet but the signatures and categories are just what we needed. Our clients are all over the world and sending back originals or even scans/faxes is a nightmare!

Keep up the good work Ruben.

Colin Valnion

Just upgraded my plan and tested the new signature feature. Wickedly simple, my clients are going to love this!

Thanks so much!


Nice!! I’m so happy to hear that there’s now an e sig option, this is sure to increase closing ratios!

Zacchaeus Nifong

Ruben~ You’ve done it again! Since I found your software, I’m not kidding you I’ve probably saved 2-5 hours a week in work; and for me that’s a ton! I’ve also been able to turn over proposals much quicker, which means I get paid faster. Since we’re an all-inclusive Online Enterprise Suite of Services that offers Asheville Web Design, (per say), I’ve decided to dish out some link-love to you.

What’s a good anchor to use for your link on my site my friend? Also, another cool feature would be a little badge that supports could use to boast about your services. Anything like that coming down the pipeline?

Cheers and all the best,

Melissa West

As usual, your product reflects that YOU LISTEN! Great job!


Awesome updates. I continue to use BidSketch for all my proposals and love it.


Thanks for the great comments all! 🙂

@Zacchaeus – I love hearing time savings like that! We’ll continue to push out releases that hopefully continue to increase the amount of time saved. Some link love would be great – “proposal software” is the anchor text I like to use for the home page – thanks!

Jim Washok

Awesome stuff, Ruben!!!

Like others here, over the many months we have used BidSketch, we have saved significant time in preparing proposals. Some prospects were confused by the multi0-step RightSignature integration, so this all-in-one-spot e-sign enhancement will be very welcomed.

I personally value the iOS 5 compatibility. I found that the Maven browser worked okay, better than Safari on the iPad, but now it is great to have the full HTML control within Safari. Just one more thing to possibly tweak is rearranging the order of items, such as fees. Of course via a non-tablet, one hovers than drags. That doesn’t work with a touch screen, so if there is any way when a tablet or smartphone is detected to just have up & down arrows appear along with edit & delete, that would be great.

Thanks a bunch for the continued enhancements!!!


@Jim – Thanks and good thought about the sorting!

Lori Newman

Love that you guys continue to integrate and update options. Electronic signature is a big thumbs up. I previously integrated with RightSignature however now upgraded on bidsketch instead for this option. Thanks!


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