Custom Approval Messages, Analytics and More

by Ruben 4 Minutes

I’m SUPER excited about this release for three reasons:

  1. Your clients get a great experience (and you’ll impress them)
  2. You’ll get more insight into how your proposals are viewed/printed
  3. Several features were improved in the process

I should probably add that it’ll make you more money, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Ok, high level overview of what’s included in this release:

  • Custom approval messages (you’ll love this)
  • Analytics!
  • Version 2 of optional fees (yep, they’re improved)
  • Easier proposal navigation
  • Several new account and proposal level settings
  • More goodies…

Custom approval messages

Your client will now be able to see any message you want once they approve a proposal. This can be very powerful because you can create a very clear call to action for clients.

Approval messages can be set at two levels; the account level and proposal level.

To set a default approval message, go to the Account –> Settings page, then click on the “Proposal approval message” link to enter any message you’d like.

Notice the editor toolbar; yep, this means full HTML/CSS support for approval messages:

Approval Message Form

Once this is set, your client will see your message in a modal after they approve the proposal:

Approval Message Modal

They’ll also receive an email with the message in case they need to find it later. The email also gets sent if you manually approve a proposal (instead of your client).

If you’d like to override the message for a specific proposal, just click on the “Proposal settings” link when editing a proposal:

Proposal Settings Link

And that’s all it takes! This seriously has the potential to improve the experience for clients and persuade them to take action faster.


Ever wonder how long your client spent viewing a proposal?

Well now can see how long they viewed your proposal, and a lot more:


You’ll find a new link called “View activity details” on the proposal detail page which will show you this report.

Improved Optional Fees

Note: If you’re using a custom design template, please check the bottom of the post for an HTML snippet you’ll want to add for this feature.

Shortly after I released the optional fees feature it became clear that I missed the mark in two areas:

  1. PDFs would be more useful if optional fees were shown
  2. Viewing optional fee descriptions takes too many clicks

These two things have been fixed. You’ll now always see optional fees in all PDFs and descriptions will be shown when viewing a proposal with a browser.

Not only that but clients will have a better way of adding/removing optional fees:

Optional Fees Action Links

Proposal Navigation

Navigating within a proposal has been improved. Just click on the progress bar to jump to any of the areas you’d like to go to:

Proposal Progress

Because of this feature, the “Jump To” navigation links have been removed since they’re no longer needed.

Account and Proposal Level Settings

In your Account –> Settings page you can now change the following defaults:

  • Proposal Fees Title
  • Hide Project Totals
  • Hide Grand Totals
  • Optional fees title
  • Optional fees note
  • Custom approval message

All of these settings can be overridden at the proposal level by clicking on the “Proposal settings” link when editing a proposal:

Proposal Settings Modal

Other Goodies…

  • Use custom variables in “Send Proposal” email messages
  • Use custom variables in custom approval messages
  • Warning message on proposal fees page if you click Done/Save if your fee hasn’t been saved yet
  • Quickly reference custom variables when editing a proposal section or fee
  • Proposal filter options will be remembered for your session (in the dashboard)
  • Date/time your proposal was viewed is included in the Woohoo! message 🙂
  • Digital signature integration: you can delete an associated signature

Custom Design Templates…

If you use a custom design template, include this HTML — make sure you style with CSS as needed — in your template to make use of the improvements for optional fees:

<div id="optional_fees_section">
		 <h1 id="optional_fees_title" style="margin-bottom:4px">Optional Items </h1>
		<div id="optional_fees_note"></div>
		 <table class="fees_container">
		<tr id="optional_fees">
		<td><div class="fee_name">{optional_fee_name}</div><div class="fee_description small-content">{optional_fee_description}</div></td>
		<td class="price"><div>{optional_fee_price}</div><div class="optional_included" style="display:none;"><strong>Included</strong></div></td>

Hope you enjoy the update!


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