New Features: Realtime Collaboration, Activity Feed, and Private Comments

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working on some exciting new features that’ll help you land more clients, faster than ever.

Here’s a peek at what we have for you:

  1. Realtime collaboration (you’ll love this)
  2. Proposal activity feed so you know exactly when changes were made to a proposal
  3. Private proposal comments to add internal notes and stay organized
  4. Bonus: monthly and yearly totals

We’re also working hard on the next release: Hourly fees, fee ranges, and additional collaboration features.

If it’s been a while since you’ve tried Bidsketch, make sure you sign up for a trial.

Realtime collaboration

You can now see changes other people are making to the proposal, as they make them. This is super useful when you want to collaborate with another person on a proposal.

If someone else is looking at a proposal that you’re working on, you’ll see a note with their name:


Collaboration Note


And when multiple people edit a fee or section, you’ll see a note showing who’s editing (while everything updates realtime):


Collaboration Editing


This works for both proposal fees and sections. You’ll even see if anyone adds, removes, or changes the order of fees and sections in a proposal. It’s a pretty neat feature that’ll make it much easier for you to collaborate with others on a proposal.

Proposal Activity Feed

We’ve added an easy way for you to view all of the changes that have happened to your proposal.

To see all of the activity on a proposal, just click on the View proposal activity link found on the proposal summary page:

Proposal Activity Link

You’ll then be able to see what changes took place on your proposal:

Proposal Activity Details

This new report shows you:

  • The exact date and time that a change took place
  • The name of the person that made the change
  • Whether a section or fee was added, removed, or edited
  • The name of the section or fee involved in the change

Private Comments

Sometimes you want to add a special note to a proposal but don’t want the client to see it. You can now do that by adding a private comment.

Just click on the Private checkbox when adding a new comment:

Private Comments


These comments never get emailed and they don’t show up in the comments section for your clients. It’s a great way to keep all your proposal notes in one place.

Bonus: Monthly and Yearly Totals

We’ve recently updated proposal fees by showing a separate total for monthly and yearly fees.

Here’s what that looks like:

Monthly and Yearly Proposal Totals


Just like all other totals, you can hide them by going into Proposal Settings.

That’s it for now. We have more updates coming soon so stay tuned 🙂

If you’re not a Bidsketch customer, you can sign up for a trial right here:

Hope you enjoy the update!


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Jared Carrizales

I’ve had to tweak some proposals to dance around the monthly and yearly totals being together. This will help out tremendously Ruben!


That’s great to hear! 🙂


Ryan Malone

Great job Ruben! What also would be nice would be revision control so we can go back to older saves of the same proposal rather than copy and rename.


Thanks, Ryan. Yep, we’ve got some ideas around that 😉


These are good, but I’m still waiting for a way to quickly access a list of what the client approved. Seems a little backward that the system shows me what the client didn’t approve, but then I need to go into the preview screen to see what they DID accept for the proposal. Even then, it’s still not a list that I can just copy and paste out to my team. Now I’m concerned that kind of update is a long ways off if you guys just rolled out all of this.


Hey Joe, you mean for optional fees on the proposal detail page? If so, it should show you both approved and declined. That was an update a while back (small updates we don’t always announce). In any case, today we’ll check into this and make sure it’s showing you both.


Great stuff Ruben! #winning

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