Bidsketch is Live (sorta)

Today Bidsketch went live!

It’s actually in pre-launch mode which means the URL isn’t available to the general public. The pricing is much lower than what it’ll be once it’s public, but that will only last for 3 days.

I’ll release the link here for anyone that might follow the blog but isn’t on the email list:

It’s been a very exciting day and signups have completely exceeded my expectations. I’ve also had great feedback from the people that have signed up. Things are looking up!

Woohoo! 🙂

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Great been waiting patiently. But I do have to say I never got a newsletter showing the link. I did receive something the other day saying you were launching but nothing after that. You might want to make sure it went out.

Looks great and looking forward to being a long time customer.


Thanks Mark! Wow, that’s bad news. It did go out, as I got some responses with questions, but maybe it was blocked or sent to your spam folder for some reason? Meaning others could’ve had the same issue… I’ll see what I can find out — thanks for letting me know!

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