New Bidsketch Website Design and Logo

I’m super excited with the recent update to the main Bidsketch website. After months of work we’ve released a new design and logo for Bidsketch.

You can see the new website design here:

The blog was also redesigned in the process as well:

The new logo is a bit more modern and better reflects the personal approach we like to take.

Take a look at the new logo:


The same goes for the new website design. It felt like it was time to update the look and put a little more personality into it.

The credit for the great design goes to my good friend Ryan Scherf:

Ryan does amazing work and I’m very happy he was able to help me out with a new design. I hope it makes reading the blog or visiting the Bidsketch website a bit more pleasant for everyone 🙂


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Hi Ruben,

The logo and website look great and we love your product here at WWWShop so keep up the fine work!

Mark Gray


Thanks Mark!


Logo looks great. I have been using your product for quite some time now and love it, keep it up.

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