3 Marketing Mindsets That Will Attract Better Paying Clients

by Tom Ewer 4 Minutes

A woman working on a plan.As a service business owner, you want to attract high-quality, high-paying clients. Since your competition is going after the same kind of clients, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t take the right approach to your marketing strategy, however, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand.

Shifting your marketing mindset can help you attract better clients, sell more products, and create long-lasting relationships. When your marketing efforts have a clear purpose, you’ll approach their implementation with a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve. Furthermore, your clients will take notice when you start to put real value behind your promotions.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three mindset shifts that will help you develop a better marketing strategy. Let’s get started!

1. Market Your Services as an Investment – Not a Cost

We all hope to have clients or customers who will pay us top dollar for our services. Unfortunately, convincing anyone to part with their hard-earned cash can be difficult, especially if they’re unable to see the value in what they’re buying. In order to get a customer or client to pay higher prices, you need to show them that the cost of your services is an investment.

Investments and costs may seem like similar concepts, but they are actually quite different in the minds of your clients. While a cost is something clients know they need to pay, they may still feel reluctant to do so. They understand that payment is necessary to receive your services, but they may not have a solid idea of what value they’re getting in return.

On the other hand, an investment is something that will eventually bring your clients profits or other tangible results. Your services might help people become more efficient, save time, or make more sales – and you need to make those benefits as clear as possible. When clients view your services as an investment, they’ll be more likely to part with their money.

Whether your audience views your services as a cost or an investment begins with you. In order to attract high-paying clients, start deliberately marketing your services as an investment. Rather than trying to lower your prices to accommodate low-quality clients, show high-quality clients how your services will improve their personal or professional lives. Throughout all of your marketing efforts, stress the value of your services, show what benefits you can provide, and explain how you can help your audience make more money.

Another excellent strategy is to have testimonials or case studies readily available for potential clients to browse. When you have a strong reputation for bringing value to those you’ve worked with in the past, new clients will trust that you can do the same for them.

2. Realize the Marketing Powers in Networking

Potential clients are everywhere. While you don’t want to go around shouting about your services to every person you pass on the street, finding a way to discuss what you do during casual conversations can be an immense benefit. Even if the person you’re talking to doesn’t need your services right now, they may know someone who does.

Networking can be used as a marketing tool to spread the word about your company. Getting involved at networking events, introducing yourself to new people, and passing out your business card when appropriate can help increase your visibility and attract new clients. However, don’t approach these interactions thinking only about what the other person can do for you. In order to get a true benefit from each connection, you’ll also need to consider how you can help them. When you’re able to build a strong and lasting relationship with a contact, they’re more likely to use your services and refer you to their friends, family, and network.

Therefore, approach each new professional relationship with the intent to create a mutually beneficial connection. Look for ways you can help them achieve their goals, and don’t be afraid to ask if they’re willing to help you reach yours. Promote your brand, but don’t turn the conversation into a sales pitch. Your conversations need to feel genuine, and should be focused on creating relationships rather than snaring new clients.

If you’re hoping to get referrals from a connection you’ve just added to your network, start by referring someone to them. If you’re bringing a contact new customers and clients, they’ll feel more inclined to return the favor. This kind of back and forth could turn into a long-term relationship of consistent referrals.

3. Focus on Quality – Not Quantity – in Lead Generation

It’s a common misconception that the more leads you collect, the higher your chances are of getting a conversion. While this can work for some businesses, the new sales they acquire are often from low-quality clients. These kinds of clients aren’t really sure what they’re looking for, aren’t prepared to pay top dollar, or are just difficult to work with. Low-quality clients can cause high levels of stress and confusion for you and your team.

Instead, you want to attract as many high-quality leads as possible. These are leads who understand what problems they face, know how you can help them, and are willing to pay you well for your efforts. High-quality leads are ready to make an investment and to purchase whatever services they believe will solve their problems. Of course, you also need to focus on the clients who are right for you and for your brand – in other words, leads who match your buyer persona.

Attracting high-quality leads begins with believing you’re worthy of working with high-quality clients. Establishing higher prices, maintaining a professional-looking website, and consistently creating outstanding content can increase your business’ perceived value. When potential clients believe you’re a valuable and trustworthy brand, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you.

You can also improve your brand reputation and attract high-quality leads by identifying yourself as a leader in your industry. Use social media to spread your message, leverage high-quality content to show off your expertise or educate your audience, and maintain influencer connections to help get your information in front of the right audience.


A successful marketing strategy starts with your mindset. When you have the right approach and expectations, and when you understand your target audience, you can create more realistic plans that will attract the right kinds of clients.

Let’s recap the three mindset shifts that will help you attract better-paying clients:

  1. Position your products or services as an investment, not a cost.
  2. Use networking to establish mutually-beneficial connections who can help market your products or services.
  3. Focus on finding a few key high-quality leads rather than many low-quality leads.

Which marketing mindset do you think will bring the most benefit to your brand? Let us know in the comments section below!

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