Guest Post on Free Plans

I wrote a guest post about why free plans don’t work for most non-funded startups. This post went live earlier today on

It’s based off my personal experience with a free plan, publicly available stats, and a few short interviews I conducted. Check it out and leave a comment. Thanks!

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Hey Ruben!

Saw your Mixergy interview today. Kudos!!

Led me here and then to Rob’s site to read your post.

Free v Paid is a great post. Thanks.

Super timely for me as I’m a few weeks away from flicking the switch on my little social commerce startup. Have been agonising over the right revenue model, even down to the point of should it be merchant or user that pays. Of course at this stage there really is no right answer.

Regardless of who pays, avoiding FREE makes great sense.

Continued success with bidsketch.




Fascinating to read how 37Signals changed their POV on free plans as they allowed more time to collect data and watch their conversions.

Thanks for sharing the experience and great research. Very timely for me as my launch date approaches and I continue to fiddle with the pricing.

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