6 Business Web Developer Proposal Must-Haves

by Ruben 2 Minutes

A well-laid out business web developer proposal is essential to make sure that a web design project goes smoothly. For that to happen, it must contain everything that is to be expected by both the client and the business web developer throughout the entire project.

The length of a business web developer proposal can vary, from short and very simple to lengthy and extremely detailed ones. Regardless of the length, a well-written business web developer proposal must have the 6 different sections. In this article, we’ll take a look on what these 6 sections and what should be included in each of them.

1. Scope of Services

This is the most important section—and the longest—of any business web developer proposal because it describes exactly what you as a web developer will be offering to do for this web design project. Use charts, graphs, and images in this section of the

2. Price and Payments

As the name of this section implies, this is where you will put in detail how you will be paid for the project. Will you be paid on a regular schedule for every hour you will be working on this project, or will you be paid a fixed rate in installments based on certain milestones completed?

3. Term of the Business Web Developer Proposal

In this part of the business web developer proposal, you can specify until when will the rates you proposed be valid. This works for your benefit in two ways. First, it gives the client a deadline to respond to the business web developer proposal that you’ve submitted. Second, in the event that the client doesn’t respond right away, you have the option to give them another proposal that may have a different set of rates and mode of payment.

4. Ownership of Intellectual Property

This is another very important part of any business web developer proposal since it tells who will own all the intellectual property rights on the website and other information and files here once it is completed.

5. Complete Business Web Developer Contract

At the end of your business web developer proposal, make sure to include a contract listing down of the agreement between you and the client once the web design project begins. Adding this at the end of the contract will increase your chances of getting the client to sign the contract and award you the project.

6. Your Contact Information

Throughout your business web developer proposal, it’s important to make sure that you provide your contact information strategically on every page of your contract. This makes it easier for the client to remember who you are and reach you if ever they have any questions or clarifications on any part of the proposal you’ve submitted.


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by Ruben
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