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Diana Reed, Creative Director

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Look Professional With Beautifully Designed Templates

Use your own custom HTML/CSS designs, or the built in templates. Bidsketch provides you with several professional looking proposal templates. Each template is available in different colors and exports to PDF for extra portability.

Reusable Proposal Content

50% Less Time Writing With Reusable Content

Quickly create proposals by reusing fees, content, and designs to save hours. Example proposal content is provided to help you get started quickly. You can even embed images and video for online viewing by your clients.

Optional Fees

32% More Profit With Optional Fees

Up-selling additional services or items is one of the best ways to grow revenue fast. Bidsketch makes it easy by letting you mark specific fees as optional and giving clients the option to accept them when viewing a proposal.

18% More Leads

Turn 18% More of Your Leads Into Clients

Client landing pages are designed with winning in mind; on average, Bidsketch proposals are approved 18% more than traditional proposals. Clients can also comment and export to PDF for easy printing.

Complete Client Workflow

Automate Your New Client Workflow

You can set special messages that get shown once your client approves their proposal. Using approval messages you can prompt for a deposit, give them a new client guide, or let them know what to do next.

Custom Domains

Have Clients Visit Your Own Domain

With Bidsketch you can use your own company domain (example: so that clients always see your URL and everything stays consistent with your brand.

Electronic Signatures

Get Your Proposals Signed 60% Faster

As soon as your client accepts a proposal, you can have them electronically sign their proposal online. Our research shows the average proposal is approved 60% faster online. Optionally they can export to PDF, print, and sign instead.

View Notifications

No More Wondering If They've Seen Your Proposal

Automatically get a notification when your client views their proposal so you're always in the loop. You'll also get notified of every comment and proposal status change they make.

Legally Binding Documents

Make Your Proposals Legally Binding

Bidsketch is compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws. We capture the email address, IP address and other information to create an audit log of the electronic signature. Signed proposals are archived and protected from further changes; they're as legally valid as pen-and-paper documents.

Client Activity

Find Out How Interested Clients Really Are

See how long a client viewed their proposal, which email they came from, and whether they exported it to PDF.

Client Details

All Your Client Details in One Place

Bidsketch provides an easy way to keep track of all current and prospective clients. Add client contact information as well as private notes to each client to ensure you never forget what you talked about last time.

Works with Your Favorite Apps and Tools

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Nathan Sudds

We use Bidsketch for all our proposals and often hear, "I love this proposal software...what is it?" Clients love our Bidsketch proposals almost as much as we do :)