It’s Here: Custom Proposal Designs!

Over the last couple of of weeks I’ve been working day and night to bring you the latest feature. It’s taken a ton of work, but I think you’ll agree that it was well worth it! (Especially since I was doing all of the work!)

As the title of this post implies, you can now create your own proposal designs using standard HTML, CSS and images. Just place special variables within your HTML, and Bidsketch will replace them with the appropriate content.

First, you’ll need to access the “templates” page and click on the “designs” tab.

Templates Tab

From here you can download one of the example template files which will have detailed instructions to help get you started.

Template Instructions

Once you’ve created your proposal template, just upload the zip file.

Template Form

You can then preview the template, and even see what the PDF version looks like.

Template Preview

Now you’ll be able to use your custom design in the proposal preview page. Just click on any of your custom templates to apply it to your proposal.

Preview Menu

Pick Template

Custom Design

I’m extremely excited about releasing this feature. While the default templates do a nice job of enabling the creation of professional looking proposals, they’re no substitute for giving you complete control over what proposals are going to look like.

Now, you have complete control — I’m sure your clients are going to be blown away by it.

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Great job. Can’t wait to try it.


Thanks! Let me know how it works out for you.



I am trying the custom template options. I’ve downloaded the template sample and tried to reimport them following the step by step, but for sample reason i get an error message:
Errors encountered with your zip file:
Missing index.html — make sure file name is correct, use lowercase letters.

the zip file that I am trying to upload is exactly the same the one I’ve downloaded from your site. SO the index.html as the correct character.

Any thoughts?

Blogger Den

You guys offer some amazing services here! I’ve checked out your site upside and down, and I have been promoting you on a few forums as well. Keep up the awesome work, you guys have some good potential with this app 🙂


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, it’s most likely due to the index.html file not found at the root of the zip file. We’ll connect through email to figure this one out. Thanks!

Dustin Brewer

Just letting you know here, because there isn’t anywhere else to let you know. I signed up for your service today in hopes of not having to use indesign for proposals anymore.

I’m also canceling your service today because it looks like 2 months ago someone had the exact same issue I am having and there isn’t a solution.

(index.html not found in a zip file that clearly has an index.html in the root)



Hi Dustin,

That issue was resolved for that person, I had them email me the file and it was in the wrong directory, fortunately it was an easy fix 🙂 I’ll reach out to you through email to see what the issue was in your case.

Sorry about the trouble there, and I see that the Feedback tab isn’t intuitive for sending in ticket requests, so I’ll be adding a “Support” link by logout link to remove any confusion.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I appreciate the feedback.


@Dustin (and anybody else who has the same problem..:), I just got it resolved with the help of Ruben, it worked for me, so I think this will help:

Usually on Macs this comes up because of how OS X zips up files.

The best thing to do is (1) select the index.html and “images” subdirectory together (2) then right click and select “Compress” (on a Mac) or “Send to Zip” (on a PC) (3) it should produce an “Archive” or a zip folder (PC) with both files inside. Now, try uploading, it should work correctly.

Hope it helps!


Hi Ruben, got this working great but I am wondering if there is any way of adding a watermark style company logo to appear maybe in the header or footer of each page when it renders out as a pdf?

Is this possible now or even something you may be considering for a future release?


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