RightSignature Integration and Optional Fees

A couple of weeks ago Bidsketch received one of the biggest updates since it’s been live. I’m happy to report that it’s being followed by another major update which brings two highly requested features:

  1. Integration with RightSignature for digital signatures
  2. Optional fees for your clients

RightSignature Integration

RightSignature is a service that makes it very easy to get all sorts of documents digitally signed. Easy sign-off is nice but they don’t stop there. They make sure to back up those signatures with some cool sounding tech: biometric authentication, digital fingerprints, and signature certificates.

This is why I’m excited that you’ll now be able to digitally sign your proposals through RightSignature. This means that once your proposal has been approved, it’ll automatically be sent to RightSignature where they’ll notify your client to complete the sign-off process.

To get started, just visit the Integrations page and click on the RightSignature integration:

Integrations Page

You’ll be taken to a simple form where you can indicate whether you solely require a client signature on your proposals or you sign off on them as well:

RightSignature Form

Once the integration is set up, your clients will see a new message after they approve a proposal on Bidsketch:

Client Approved Message

This is where the magic happens; Your proposal is automatically sent to RightSignature and the client is notified through email so they can sign.

On the proposal details page you’ll see a new RightSignature section on the right hand side that’ll give you the signature status as well as take you to the final signed PDF if available:

Proposal Signature Status

Once a proposal has been signed, a Signature Certificate is attached to the proposal PDF by RightSignature for your records:

Signature Certificate

Optional Fees

Optional fees are proposal fees that a client can pick and chose from to customize their proposal and decide which services they want to go with. This is a great way to give clients options while making them feel in control of the proposal process.

Marking a proposal fee optional is easy — just check off the Optional Fee checkbox when creating or editing a proposal fee:

Edit Proposal Fee

You also have the option of excluding them from your proposal fees section:

Exclude Fees

Once you’ve added some optional fees, your clients will see an Optional Fees tab when viewing their proposal:

Optional Fees Tab

Clicking on this tab brings up a modal where they can uncheck off any fees they want excluded from the pricing section:

Optional Fees Modal

Whenever you view the details page for a proposal that has optional fees, you’ll be shown if any fees have been declined by the client and all pricing will accurately reflect the changes they’ve made:

Declined Fees


That’s it for this week’s update! It’s another major update that took a lot of work and I hope everyone will enjoy.

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Jeff Payne

Very nice! This is a great feature.

Rhonda Michelle Steward

Ruben, these are such a welcome set of features – *both* of which I will implement for all of my proposals going forward. Keep up the *awesome* work – you rock it! 🙂

Jeremy Williams

Nice Ruben!


Thanks guys, so glad to see you integrating new things. Love the optional pricing now I won’t have to do three proposals for one job. 🙂 I know I am late but I really appreciate the Freshbooks sync.


Jim Washok

Awesome, Ruben! A big pat on the back is well deserved. Have already setup the RS integration…question for ya: how does BidSketch or RightSig know where to put initial and signature areas/blocks?

Kim Stone

Yay! Yay! Yay! I’ve often worried if my contracts would hold up in court given the lack of a formal signature process. Thank you!!!


Ruben, good stuff, keep rolling!


Two excellent updates, right on the heels of the new layout options! Great work Bidsketch!

Is the “Optional Fees” tab the only place where a viewer sees these items? I could foresee some viewers missing that tab, or just not clicking it at all. I love the concept though.


Thanks everyone! Glad you like the new features.

@Jim – It actually places the signature on the next page which holds the “signature certificate” instead of placing it directly in the content.

@Daniel – The tab never goes off the screen so it’s always visible to the client (except for when they are adding a comment). Another thing to think about is that you’ll likely want to mention to them that there are optional fees included in the notification email that gets sent out to them. That said, I’ll run some tests with UserTesting (http://www.usertesting.com) just to make sure we’re not missing something here.

James Ashford

Great stuff Ruben. We used the Optional Fees this week and it led us to our largest proposal to date being accepted and the Woohoo message was joyfully received from all our team. Great work mate.


Love that! Thanks James!


Thanks Ruben! The signature is a very welcome addition.

Is there a chance we will see a proposal “date” field any time soon. I think a dated proposal is really needed especially if the proposal is only good for a certain amount of time.


Thanks Laura. There’s a sent date variable that can be used so I might not understand you question. I’ll send you an email about it.


Keeps getting better and better guys, well done!
Looking foward to hourly rate pricing where we can enter an hourly rate and the min and max for each item.


Leonardo Soto

WOW! not only these are very cool features, but the process of integration with Right Signature is the easiest! Congratulations Ruben and keep up the good work.

Jim Washok

@Ruben Thx for clarification on signature locations. Just tried a sample doc. Integration went great! Just the sig on final page will work in most situations. Sometimes tho we need more info supplied by whoever is signing on behalf of client…would be nice to have some sort of field identification so client can enter on either BidSketch side or RightSig side. RightSig API may not even support, so might need to be BidSketch side. Another solution would be for RightSig to enable default add-on signature pages that can be pre-configured with various data entry locations and are appended to a new docs for sig.

One other simple at-a-glance idea is to change the “master” proposal status in BidSketch to Signed along with the RightSig status shown in the proposal details view.

Awesome work! Thx!

Michael Veinbergs

Thank you so much for these new features! These are fantastic additions to your already wonderful product.

I do have a small request, however…might you change the “Optional Fees” title to the tab to “Optional Services”…or even make the title to the tab editable? With a long sales & marketing background, I realize that there are many things that can affect conversion. It may not seem like a big deal, but psychologically, nobody really wants to pay additional optional FEES, but people may be interested in optional SERVICES…and even the slightest edge could be helpful.

Thanks for considering this & thanks again for this wonderful enhancement!


@Jim & @Michael – Good stuff. I really appreciate the feedback. That said, it would help me out if feature suggestions were submitted to the UserVoice forums to make sure I don’t forget and to give others a chance to vote on them:



We are looking at Bidsketch and so far impressed. With RightSignature integration do you need the GOLD plan or any plan will work? We currently use EchoSign but potentially we’d switch. Thanks mate.


This is awesome! I think ideally once the proposal is approved you would want to have the option of sending it to RightSignature – not have it just sent automatically. Is there an option to choose whether you want it to be sent or not? What if I have certain proposals not needing a signature and do not want my client to get the sign message – are they sent anyway?


@Dave – I believe we talked about this through email but RightSignature currently works with any plan.

@Howe – Great suggestion; it’s not currently an option but definitely something we’ll consider in the future.

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