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by Terri Scott 6 Minutes

Assets CertificationIn previous posts, I’ve defined content marketing, and what it entails.

Now, I’m going to share with you a secret that’s been hiding in plain sight:

Content marketing materials are appreciating assets that, when combined with a high value online property, work to vastly improve the profitability of an online investment property.

A Brief Economic Lesson: Appreciating Versus Depreciating Assets

Investopedia has a detailed explanation of appreciation, but in layman’s terms, an appreciating asset is one that gains value over a period of time.

A depreciating asset is one that does the opposite- it loses value over time.

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An example of depreciating assets include commodities such as a jug of milk. While the price of milk may slightly rise and fall with the market, you can bet that when you go to the corner store to buy a jug of milk, you’ll find that a jug of milk at the grocery store or at the big box store essentially tastes the same.

And, no matter where you buy the milk, it’s essentially used for the same common purposes. You’ll use the milk to quench your thirst, pour over a bowl of cereal, or you’ll use it as a recipe ingredient.

All in all, there’s nothing spectacular about milk. It is what it is. There’s no function that milk performs that would make it an appreciating asset.

Of course, if cows suddenly stopped producing milk, or if the cows of the world all suddenly dropped dead, then milk would become an appreciating asset.

But, in the world as we currently know it, there’s plenty of milk to be bought and consumed. Therefore, it has no real value beyond immediate consumption.

And, let’s face it-when you’re done with that jug of milk, you’ll just go back to the store, buy more milk, and start the process again. There’s nothing special or mind-blowing about any of this.

Now, let’s take a look at some appreciating assets.

Gold Bars


One of the hottest appreciating assets in recent years is gold. At one point, gold sold for almost $1k an ounce! Unless you live in a small town, you’ve probably noticed an explosion of storefronts inviting you to sell your gold for quick cash-the product became so valuable that even the sale of a cut-rate gold chain could net its owner some decent coin!

And yes, while gold is subject to the ebbs and flows of the market, it will always be perceived as an appreciating asset. Countries around the world (at least, in historical times) based the value of their currency on the gold standard.

When someone wants to add value to a promise, they’ll say that their word is as good as gold. When an entity wants to brand themselves with exclusivity, they’ll use the color gold to convey their visual message.

And, despite the recent economic crisis here in the States, real estate is still an appreciating asset. More specifically, the land that the home is built upon appreciates in value.

But also, the house itself can appreciate in value as the home owner performs exterior and interior renovations that add to the price tag of the house.

For example, metal and stone roofing shingles, wooden garage doors, and natural stone counters are additions that are found on homes located in higher real estate zip codes.

Lower real estate zip codes will feature homes with fiberglass garages, laminate counters, and asphalt roofing shingles.

While both types of homes are appreciating assets, the home owner who has purposely invested in higher-end materials for their home is definitely going to realize a higher profit on their home than the home owner who did little to nothing to improve the value of their property.

Content Is An Appreciating Asset

Using the last real estate example, let’s take a look at how this all applies to the content that’s produced to market an online property. Think of a web property as a house that needs renovation, and in some cases, extensive repair.

There are property owners who understand that in order to maximize the profit margin on their investment, they must first set a goal of turning their web property into a high-value appreciating asset.

This isn’t something that can take place by taking a haphazard, lax approach to the marketing content.

To be plain, content marketing isn’t an exercise in attracting backlinks and shares-this is a poor perception that’s been bandied around by people who are ill-informed, lazy, or lack vision.

Content marketing in of itself is an appreciating asset that’s just as valuable to an online property as granite or marble kitchen counter slabs are to improving the profit margin and the perceived value of a house.

Let’s take a look at how content adds to the value of an online property:

It Generates Revenue

Probably the most important reason for a web property owner to implement a content marketing program is to use it to generate revenue. Sure, the property owner probably uses a host of marketing tools, and those do their job of driving hard sales.

But, content marketing is a sales tool for the thinking person.

Although the use of marketing content takes longer to generate revenue, it usually generates revenue from customers who are highly targeted, have the money to spend, and are highly interested in finding a company worthy of their loyalty (which further adds to a company’s revenue stream over an extended period of time.)

Of course, higher levels of revenue generation and extended customer loyalty naturally appreciates the value of the web property!

It Extends The Reach And Depth Of A Brand

Think about the major web properties that respected journalists, bloggers, or even your friends down the street quote and rely on for information. This happens because the property has done a great job of using their content to establish themselves as a go-to website, particularly in certain niches.

You can probably think of a few sites off the top of your head that you subscribe to and rely upon when you want to be informed, or entertained.

You’d probably be upset if the sites stopped publishing content, or if the sites went away for good. They’ve become part of your life, and you’ve come to rely upon and trust their brand. As more people come to value the properties that you’ve come to love and value, its content definitely helps to appreciate its value.

It Helps To Generate Thousands Of Dollars In Publicity

Depending upon the perceived value of a web property, journalists and PR agents will reach out to the owner of the web property. In turn, this produces thousands of dollars in free marketing and publicity for the owner.

This doesn’t happen by accident-this happens because someone stumbled upon marketing content that captured their attention, and lead them back to the web property.

Marketing content that results in high-dollar free publicity is definitely an appreciating asset.

Some might perceive marketing content to be a commodity, because on the surface, it seems to hold little to any value after the reader consumes it. However, they’re flat wrong.

And, although it defies common-sense and reason, some feel that they should invest the bare minimum in a content marketing program while expecting great returns on their so-called investment.

Then, they wonder why they realize poor profit margins in their investment, if they realize anything profitable at all!

Tom You're Depreciating


Some of the same clueless people will proclaim that content marketing doesn’t work, but the fact is, content marketing definitely works when the web property owner understands how to make it work, along with the fact that making it work will require an investment of time, and money.

What This Means For Your Marketing Strategy

Are you a content writer experiencing frustration because your prospective clients don’t seem to understand why they should pay you a fair rate for your production efforts?

Feel free to print this post and show it to them. At the very least, burn the message of this post into your brain, and fight for the rates you deserve! The work you produce is of extremely high value.

Are you an agency owner questioning whether or not you should include a content marketing program into your client’s marketing package? Do you wonder if pitching the idea of articles, blog posts, videos, and other sorts of content is really worth the effort?

The fact is, content marketing is only going to become more pervasive in the upcoming years. Big corporations are scrambling to figure out how to make content marketing work, so now’s the time to create a program for your smaller-sized clients while they still have a fighting chance for recognition, and attention.

As you send out your proposals and your queries, don’t simply let the prospect know that you can produce marketing content.

Let them know that you have the capability to appreciate the overall value of their online property with your high-quality materials.

*Editors note: Now that you understand what a valuable asset client content is, it’s time for you to state your case to your potential clients. Make sure you hit all the right points with style after trying Bidsketch’s proposal app during our free 14 trial period!

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by Terri Scott
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