Content Marketing Strategies: Lessons From An International House DJ

by Terri Scott 8 Minutes

JaBig PhotoThere’s two categories that a content marketing audience falls within: Business-to-business (b2b), or business-to-consumer (b2c).

In content marketing circles, most of the focus falls on the b2b segment, but content marketing strategies can definitely work for the b2c audience.

And, did you know that offline service providers and entrepreneurs can also use the same online content marketing strategies?

Take my favorite house music DJ, JaBig.

He’s an international DJ who’s based out of Montreal. He travels to lounges and parties around the world, but he’s also built an international following (and plenty of performance requests) by leveraging highly-effective, simple-to-use, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that online marketing strategies.

His strategies enable him to promote new tracks, produce exclusive fan content, nurture relationships, go viral, sell merchandise, and promote awareness for a non-profit organization that fights child hunger.

Let’s go behind the figurative turn-tables to note how this one-man-show uses content marketing to accomplish all of his goals while keeping his business afloat.

He Catalogs His Curated Content


If nothing else, JaBig is very big on organization. He doesn’t leave things to chance that you’ll find his content on his website. If you want to find his free-to-the-public tracks, then you’ll need to head on over to YouTube. That’s where you’ll find his main account, branded under his DJ name, of course.

Once you’re there, you’ll notice that he goes far beyond slapping up streams of his tracks. He goes out of his way to title each and every track according to:

  • The type of music the tracks contain
  • The mood that the songs invoke
  • The length of time it takes to listen to each stream
  • The genres of music the listener can expect to experience while listening

He does of this in the attempt to create something that’s very popular in internet marketing:

He wants to create a marketing funnel.

A house music aficionado knows that there are sub-genres within the genre. It helps JaBig to brand himself as a premier DJ when he creates positive listening experiences. Positive listening experiences are created by giving listeners (and new fans) exactly what they want to hear.

Here’s another thing to consider: By cataloging the content, JaBig is showing his listeners and fans consideration for their time. In fact, he says on his blog:

Hello, I have a new YouTube channel to add to the already existing one. I will be putting together a bunch of new music channels so that I don’t overwhelm everyone with different styles. So for each genre, a different channel will be available.

Look at how he instinctively considers the concerns of his fans!

Let’s use me for a quick example.

I live for house music, and I have for, well…many, many, many years now. Although I love the general niche/genre of house music, there are certain sub-genres and eras of the music I like more than others.

Like most of us, I don’t have time to waste sifting through audio content that I don’t want to listen to. I love being able to pull up a stream, read the title description, and immediate decide if I want to consume it.

Also, I love being able to find the type of music that I need to get into the right head space, depending on my mood and what I’m doing at the moment.

Here’s a great example of what a new listener can expect to encounter when they pull up one of JaBig’s videos:

5 Hour Brazilian Old School 90s Hip Hop R B Disco House Chill Downtempo Lounge DJ Mix Playlist YouTube

Notice how he immediately lets you know that you’re about to take a five-hour listening experience if you press play? He also lets you know what genres of music are included in the content, and he recommends this stream if you’re in the mood for downtempo lounge-style music.

So, if the listener just wants to listen to something upbeat that goes hard and fast, then this isn’t the specific content they need to consume. Brand fans appreciate a marketer who takes their needs and wishes into consideration.

He’s also shrewd enough to know that fans who enjoy certain types of cataloged content will share the video links with others who enjoy the same thing!

He Brands His Content


Not only does JaBig brand his enterprise, he also brands his content. For example, outside of the main JaBig account page, there’s his Music Monday Mix page. This is content that’s been specifically curated to sync up his Music Monday push.

Then, there’s my favorite: The Deep and Dope collection. This is the collection that appeals to us house heads that love the underground, rare finds, and international remixes.

He’s also created content collections for Samba/Bossa Nova lovers, South African house genre fans, and Afro Beats (house music that incorporates traditional African musical styles).

Again, all of this creates marketing funnels that draws in specified listeners like moths to a flame!

Here’s an example:

Deep Brazilian House Music Mix by JaBig Bossa Nova Samba Brazil Lounge Playlist DEEP DOPE 170 YouTube
By the way, this playlist (and the photo) was created in 2008! Here we are in 2015, and the content is still attracting an international audience instead of getting lost…all because he took the time to attract the type of listeners who never tire of this type of music!

Content publishers: Think of how often you’ve created content that attracted great responses, only to notice traffic falling off in a matter of months, or weeks.

Wouldn’t you love for the content that you’ve put time, effort, and energy into to go the distance?

He Diversifies His Playlists


Another way that JaBig stays on top of his content is by diversifying his playlists. As mentioned, there are the marathon six and eight-hour playlists. But, there’s plenty of hour-long content to enjoy, too.

This allows listeners to quickly move on to other content themes, or they can get lost in the mood that a bonus-sized video stream creates within them.

He Curates His Listener’s Moods And Activities


A good DJ knows how to curate tracks that are enjoyable to listen to, but a great DJ (the type that’s in demand at venues around the world) actually knows how to curate moods and activities!

A typical online marketer or entrepreneur might attempt this with a host of tricks, including Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), photos, memes, or videos.

This offline entrepreneur uses his online content to curate moods by producing track lists that inspire or invoke specified responses in the listener.

Check out the example below:

House Music for Working Out Running Gym Gaming Dancing. 3 Hour Mix Playlist by JaBig YouTube

You can see that this track list features music that’s best consumed when you’re working out, hitting the gym, gaming, or indulging in some hard, heart-pumping dancing. A listener who want to get their heart-rate up, experience a great deal of excitement, or enhance an intense experience should hit play on this track.

While the music is top-shelf, this might not be the type of content for someone who’s getting ready for bed, has a headache, or is about to perform a meditative yoga session.

Think about how your content can set the mood and direct your prospects in the right direction.

He Creates Plenty Of Opportunities For Engagement

Not only is engagement critic in sales content like what you tend to find in your sales proposals (which we give out for free for most industries, even for those working on marketing proposals).

How frustrating is it to consume a wonderful piece of content, only to realize that finding the content creator is like trying to break into Ft. Knox?

Have you ever skimmed down to the bottom of an article, just to find one measly link to an expired website?

Or, have you ever wanted to thank the author of an article, only to be lead to the home page of the publication, with zero contact information about the author?

JaBig does the opposite. Take a look at this next example:

Examples Numbers DEEP DOPE 170 YouTube

If you look closely, you’ll notice in the red box that JaBig has left tidbits of contact information, and instructions on how to get in contact with him.

Imagine that! A content marketer who makes it super-easy to be found!!!

Now, take a look at the arrow above the box. Notice that he published this track listing back in 2013? Now, take a look at the three red arrows below in the comments section.

Notice that they are marked “one month ago?”

I created this screen shot in June of this year (2015). This means that although the content is over 2 years old, it’s still attracting engagement and comments!

Because JaBig did such a great job of leaving his contact information, new listeners (and club/venue managers) will still get the same opportunity to contact him now that they would have back in 2013 when this was first published.

The lesson is clear:

Set up your content for success.

Make your content do the heavy-lifting for you, regarding how you can be found for financial opportunities. Don’t make prospects break a sweat trying  to find you…because they’ll tire of that very easily, and they’ll move on to the next service provider who does want to be found.

He Re-Purposes Content


Here’s a dirty-little-secret that the efficient content marketer knows how to use, all too well:

Re-purpose content any and every time it makes sense to do so!

JaBig loves what he does, but he’s a very busy entertainer and service provider. He just doesn’t have the time or the energy to create track listings comprised of brand-new content all of the time!

So, he’s smart enough to re-purpose some of his best and most-requested audio content on different versions of his track listings.

Here’s another thing: Not only does he publish his content on YouTube, he also publishes his content on platforms like SoundCloud, where fans can download the tracks for free!

I personally love listening to a new track listing and discovering a song that I loved on another track listing. This gives me the opportunity to experience the song again without having to remember which video number I first discovered it on.

Smart content marketers understand a couple of things:

A) The content that they publish on one platform will probably by missed on all their other marketing platforms. For example, that epic post you wrote, hoping to get a gazillion eyeballs on it?

Well, if you didn’t do a good job of offering a teaser in your subscriber email, then few people will care about clicking the link. But, why count on your email subscriber list to get eyeballs in your post?

Why not promote the same material on social, in ebooks, white papers, brochures, etc.?

Of course, you’ll want to promote the content natively, but at least you’ll have a content message to work with, instead of investing time in starting from scratch.

B) Time of is of the essence, and you’re only human! The same awesome content that worked in one area of your lead generation funnel will work just as well (in most cases) in others.

If you’re going to market your services, then hitting the publish button isn’t good enough. You’ll need to think of a plan that works for your brand, and then execute it well.

Your content marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated, but failure to create one could make or break your success as an online marketer!

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by Terri Scott
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