The Simplest And Fastest Way To Turn Cold Prospects Into Raving Fans

by Jeremy Reeves 5 Minutes

SuccessWhen it comes to building a sales funnel, your autoresponders are going to make up the bulk of your communication.

Regardless of what anyone says, email is still one of the most powerful and effective ways to cultivate your audience and turn them into raving fans.

The problem is, most people don’t understand the correct sequence required to turn someone from a completely cold prospect into that raving fan who is going to end up buying from you over and over again.

A few months ago, I attended a private mastermind dinner for top levels marketers. During that private dinner I was asked to give an impromptu presentation discussing some of my best-kept secrets of building profitable sales funnels.

As I began thinking of what I was going to say, my mind immediately went to the process of turning someone from a cold prospect into a buyer.

That’s what I’d like to discuss today.

It All Starts With The First Interaction…

Think back to the last time you met someone for the first time. In the first few seconds of meeting that person, your mind went through a barrage of subconscious questions to determine if you were going to like, and trust, that person.

(All of this happens without you being consciously aware.)

Their body posture. The way they speak. How they look. How friendly they are.

All of these factors get processed by your mind and give you a “vibe” about that particular person.

The same is true for email.

When a person first joins your email list, they’re judging you on a subconscious level.

In most niches the two factors people are looking for are:

  1. Are you an authority?
  2. Can you be trusted?

Remember, there are thousands/millions of other competitors all claiming to know just as much as you do. People are inundated with other marketers constantly trying to shove their products down they’re face. All consumers want is a person to trust. A person who will give them the correct information and not do them wrong.

If you can prove to your new prospect that you are that person, you can consider the sale already made.

Luckily, there’s a sequence of events you can create that accomplishes this goal like gangbusters.

I call it…

The Paradigm Shift Sequence

If you want someone to become mentally attached to you (thus becoming a raving fan), you must change the neural connections in their brain.

When your brain establishes a new neural connection, it automatically bonds it with whatever caused that new connection to take place.

In other words, it creates a deeper relationship. It allows you to literally take up space inside the mind of your prospects.

Here’s how you do it.

When a person hears from you for the first time, you want to immediately establish yourself as a trustworthy person. You can do this in a few ways, including…

  • Actually being genuinely trustworthy (go figure)
  • Talking about personal stories they would relate to
  • Backing up your claims with proof
  • Making good on your promises

As you’re establish trust, you also need to show your expertise. Remember, the secret “formula” for turning cold leads into raving customers is trust + authority.

To establish authority, you need to create a paradigm shift.

A paradigm shift is what happens when a person fully changes their mind about a given subject.

For example, let’s say you’ve always believed that carbs were bad for you. But then someone gives you undeniable proof that eating carbs actually does not harm your health. In fact, they give you more energy, allow you to lift heavier weights and help you grow muscle faster.

So you believe that person enough to try it out as a “test”. And as luck would have it, that person was correct! You now feel better, are less moody, are stronger, and see a noticeable increase in your muscle size.

You’ve just made a paradigm shift. Your trust for that person just shot through the roof, and now you’re starving for more information because the first piece absolutely blew you away.

That author has likely just made a new customer.

Let’s take another example. This one is straight from a client of mine.

He’s in the network marketing niche. Most of his prospects believe, as most people in network marketing do, that “it’s all about the numbers”.

In other words, the more leads you get – the more money you make.

Except… this is NOT always true.

In his email sequence, I deliberately give specific example of how, when and why “more is better” is not always the case. I give proof why focusing on generating LESS leads, but focusing on more TARGETING leads, can and is much more profitable. It also allows you to work less while making money. A nice little side benefit.

The end result is that his autoresponder sequence is absolutely crushing it, with 7% of his list filling out an application, and 42% of those applicants becoming coaching clients.

(The average ticket is in the range of $2,000.)

The reason?

By the time he talks to his prospects, they’re already so sold on him and his strategies that they’re willing to pay almost anything to work closely with him.

How To Get This Implemented In Your Business

Everyone reading this will have different audiences. Different markets. Different products and services. So I’ll try to make this as universal as possible.

If you want to add a paradigm shift sequence into your autoresponders, there are a few things to take note of.

#1) Take a few hours of your day and write down ALL the biggest myths and beliefs your market holds. Then, write down ALL the ways you can bust those myths and get your market to think differently about the way they’re doing things.

(You can also try doing a survey.)

#2) Take another few hours and write down all the ways you can relate to your audience. What do you have in common with them? This does not to be directly related to your business. For example, I like to tell various types of stories and relate to different parts of my own audience. One day I’ll tell a story about my wife and kids. The next I might talk about my latest fishing trip. The next I might talk about exercise routine.

All of these stories should somehow transition back to a lesson about something your audience will be interested in, of course.

#3) Once you have your stories and paradigm shifts, it’s then time to integrate them into your autoresponder sequence.

I like to do these at the very beginning of the sequences, simply because that’s when people are creating their subconscious beliefs about you.

Some people will end up hating you because they refuse to believe what you say. That’s a good thing. Good riddance.

The rest will come to trust you on a much deeper level. And with trust comes a greater chance of them buying.

#4) Whenever you can, try to create an open loop. In the first email, you tease them about the paradigm shift. For example you tell them why carbohydrates are NOT bad for you. Maybe you weave in your story to make it more engaging and entertaining.

Then, you create an open loop by suddenly ending the email without giving them the answer. You simply tell them to look out for the next email where you’ll give them the juicy details.

Do this enough times and you’ll build a wildly raving audience of people who trust you, respect you, and most importantly, buy your products and services on a much higher level.

So do me a favor – let me know what you thought about this. I’d love to hear how you’re going to implement this in YOUR business. Comment below and let me know what you think!

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by Jeremy Reeves
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