Bidsketch Proposal Fees Infographic

Freelancers and agencies spend a lot of time figuring out how much to charge, but not how to present their fees to clients. Research of over 25,000 proposals show that the right presentation can result in more projects being approved with more revenue for each project.

It's the same strategy we use in many of our free resources (like the popular website proposal template we give away.)

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nice one!

Gregory Ciotti

I will attest to the power of bundling, super useful technique as a freelancer that I swear by.

As a matter of fact, Neuroeconomics expert George Loewenstein has noted that all customers (but especially conservative spenders) are averse to buying multiple items if they can complete their purchase in one swoop. (Here’s the study, good stuff:

Awesome infographic Ruben!



@Greg – thanks for the link! I’ll check it out; love that kind of stuff 🙂

Sigh McGee

FYI: Signing up to get the “Free Guide” on both this page and the actual squeeze page for this doesn’t work.


@Sigh – Thanks for the comment. Can you tell me how it’s not working? Signup form seems to subscribe me to the list.


Lucky me to find this website. Very useful information for freelance website designer like me.

Matthew Adams

Really great info graphic. Got to love stats to highlight these valid points

Emma Davis

What a great article / infographic, thank you. Has really made me think and will hopefully make my proposal writing (combined with your 5 Elements of a Perfect Proposal pdf) much easier and much better in the future.

Inarie van Staden

Love the infographic, thanks! I am most definitely going to start using that when sending estimates / quotes as I do think that my hourly rates that I put into the quotes actually complicates more than just the quote but also the timeline expectations from the clients’ side.

Paladin Themes

I really love the infographic. This help as a freelance online company. Hope we will be bringin up more clients soon. We’re still in the stage to get clients. 🙂

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