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Goal Setting For Your Business: A 5 Step Process to Becoming More Successful

If I asked you what the biggest pain point is in your business today, what would you answer? For plenty of us, the answer is not having enough clients – which translates into not making enough money. Not earning enough is in my opinion the bigger issue. If I only made more money, I could […]

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3 Research Tips to Attract Your Ideal Clients

As a freelancer myself, I understand how difficult it can be to do your own marketing … Often you’re so close to your product or service that you’re not sure why your ideal clients need you … That’s why, when creating your marketing strategy, you should always start at the beginning – even if you […]

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5 Steps to a More Automatic Freelance Business

I recently wrote an article called, “8 Ways to Work Less and Earn More.” From the positive response I can only assume that a lot of people – especially freelancers and small business owners – want to make more money while working fewer hours. One of my best techniques for working less and earning more […]

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