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7 Questions to Ask When You’re Looking For New Clients

Everyone needs new clients but how do you make sure that they don’t turn out to be your worst nightmare? Fail to screen clients correctly and you open the door to a world of potential pain and deeply unsatisfactory and demoralizing working experiences. The good news is a lot of this is avoidable. Most times, […]

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3 Research Tips to Attract Your Ideal Clients

As a freelancer myself, I understand how difficult it can be to do your own marketing … Often you’re so close to your product or service that you’re not sure why your ideal clients need you … That’s why, when creating your marketing strategy, you should always start at the beginning – even if you […]

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Four Simple Yet Overlooked Steps To Get More Clients Right Now

It’s coming up to the end of the month and you’re worried you’re not going to make enough to go on your summer holidays that you’ve been planning for a while. Business has been good but you’re not getting as many new clients in the door as you’d like to cover your expenses, and put […]

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