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Four Great Tips For Identifying Your Value Proposition

As a freelancer, you need a value proposition. You really do. But far too many freelancers out there are still struggling with getting their core offerings nailed down in this regard. Some people, sadly, are still not even fully on board with what a value proposition is in the first place, let alone how much […]

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Repurposing Content to Stretch Its Value

Content marketing is a great way to attract clients and customers – whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or both. In fact, 57% of marketers now report that content marketing is their top marketing priority! But, for those of us who seem to have a never-ending (and always growing) task list, content marketing might […]

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What Hairstylists Can Teach You About Effective Social Media Marketing

New marketing techniques always intrigue me. When I see something brilliant, I want to see how I can implement it in my own business or if it’s not a good fit for me, help someone I know to. Regardless, I think we should all stay open to new marketing ideas – especially when it comes […]

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