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Highly successful businesses do one thing well that most others don’t. They position themselves in a way that makes competition irrelevant. The free resources that you'll find on this page were created using proven sales tactics used by the best freelancers, consultants, and agencies.

Within each industry listed below you'll find a list of free eBooks, templates, and samples, that will help you close more clients in less time.
Templates that will help you quickly create the perfect client proposals of any type. Great looking, well designed proposal templates that will help you get more out of your projects and convert more potential clients into paying customers!
No matter what kind of web design you are doing, from UI to illustration, these proposal writing resources can help you structure, plan, and deliver your proposals with the absolute best chance of success. Learn the biggest key points you need to focus on
All of the resources you need to send effective marketing proposals, focusing on what your clients need. Templates, ebooks, and proposal samples that you can use to effectively structure and design your proposals for the best chance of success.


All the resources you need to make your SEO proposals as professional as they can be, with perfect structure, value propositions, and design. Never let another client prospect fall through again due to a poor proposal.
The resources you need to sell your services for you, while you focus on the technical stuff. These ebooks, proposal templates, samples and examples are all built to make sure you're delivering the perfect value propositions in your web development propos
The proposal resources you need to ensure your design proposals are hitting their mark every time. Learn how to structure your graphic design proposals to get your value proposition across perfectly to your client every time. Never miss the opportunity to
Proposal building worksheets and ebooks that will help you save time and stand out against your competition when closing software development projects with prospective clients. Land the clients you want, with a better success rate than ever before!
The perfect proposal resources to show your dream clients that you're the person who should be managing their social media platforms. Ebooks, worksheets, and templates to help you structure and design your proposals to have the best chance of success.
The writing community has a major problem with sending proper client proposals. These resources help you structure your value proposition properly to have the best chance of turning that prospective client into a paying customer.
Resources that will help you turn your proposals into the perfect sales tools to win clients on any project. Ebooks, guides, and templates that will help you structure, design and push out the perfect proposal for any project.