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Graphic Design Proposal Template

This is the Graphic Design Proposal Template Your Clients Want

Persuasive Proposals are Unique and Focused on Clients

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You’re not in sales. You'd rather be spending your time designing and crafting amazing experiences for your clients.

But the reality is, you can’t afford to skip writing proposals. They're how you get high-end clients. So you might as well find out how to make yours land more (and better) clients.

Most graphic design proposals are generic; they blend in with all the rest. That's because most designers focus on the look of their proposals, but completely overlook what the client cares about most in a proposal: the words. Not just any words, they're looking for the right words. They want to know that you understand what they're looking for, and are reading your proposal to ensure they can trust you. The best proposals look great, but more importantly, they're persuasive.

Present What You Can Do for Clients in a Persuasive Way

Identifying your prospect’s deepest frustrations is how you get the attention of the right type of clients. Then it’s time to take that attention, run with it, and land clients.

Persuasive graphic design proposals frame the services they recommend in a special way. They present them as solutions to problems, and they offer plenty of reasons why they’re the best choice to carry out those solutions. Most designers get this wrong.

The problem with writing truly persuasive client proposals is that they take time. The secret is that you have to create a master document you can use to quickly create proposals your clients will actually read and love.

Don't Compete on Price, Compete on Value

There are countless graphic designers out there, but how many of them can help clients like you can? You have a unique skill set that you can apply towards helping clients and offering them massive value.

Designers who do a poor job communicating that unique value end up competing with everyone else on price. It's a race to the bottom. You don't want to be there.

You can avoid that. The Graphic Design Proposal Template gives you practical tips to increase your perceived value. This attracts a higher tier of clients and gets them to focus on that value instead of the price tag.

What's Inside the Proposal Template

Here's a look at what you'll find inside the Graphic Design Proposal Template:

  • A pricing section that will get clients to focus on value instead of cost
  • Real-life examples you can tweak and apply to your projects
  • Sections focused on both the problem and solution 

Check out these sections from the Graphic Design Proposal Template

{client_name}’s Goals and Objectives

{client_name} can deliver massive value to its customers in the [INDUSTRY] niche, but it won’t get the chance if doesn’t make a great first impression. Top-quality graphic design will get target customers’ attention, express {client_name}’s unique personality, and encourage viewers to become leads and customers. The right graphic design services will:

  • Grab the attention of {client_name}’s target customers and stand out from competitors
  • Inspire confidence among {client_name}’s customers and encourage referrals
  • Project an image of professionalism, both online and offline

If {client_name} doesn’t invest in graphic design services tailored to showcase its unique value, it could blend in with its competitors and miss opportunities. Poor graphic design gives visitors an impression that {client_name} isn’t the best choice for their needs, which could hurt {client_name}’s market share and slow long-term growth.

Meeting {client_name}’s Graphic Design Needs

{my_company}’s graphic design services will create the following results for {client_name}:

  • Created an unforgettable company logo to mark {client_name} as a true professional – As competition continues to increase in the [INDUSTRY] market, it’s crucial to put your best foot forward. Our designers will work with you, creating a logo to match your vision for your brand and the message you want to convey to customers. We’ll use visual elements to get this message across in an appealing, unforgettable way.
  • Designed professional letterhead and business cards – Conveying an image of professionalism online isn’t worth much if you follow it up with unprofessional offline materials. That’s why we’ll integrate your logo into critical print materials – letterhead and business cards – to polish your image offline. 
  • Developed a cohesive graphic identity that reflects {client_name}’s unique brand – Your logo, business cards, and letterhead aren’t designed in a vacuum. Each is a crucial element of your graphic identity. Our team sees the big picture, and they’ll work with you to create consistency across different materials they design. The more consistent your graphic identity across platforms, the more memorable it will be for customers.

Recommended Design Services

To meet {client_name}’s needs, as outlined above, we recommend the following design services as part of this project: 

Design of {client_name}’s Company Logo

{my_company}’s designers will meet with {client_name} to hear its vision for a logo and offer input to help {client_name} accomplish its design goals. {my_company}’s designers will create several preliminary design sketches, get feedback from {client_name}, and finalize the design. {client_name} gets complete control over the mark, logotype, color scheme, and font selections.

Design of {client_name}’s Business Cards

After getting input from {client_name}, {my_company} will design 100% customized business cards to reflect {client_name}’s unique brand. {my_company} will integrate the finalized logo into the design. Once the design is complete, {my_company} will also print 500 business cards and ship them to up to 10 of {client_name}’s employees, dividing them at {client_name}’s discretion.

Design of {client_name}’s Letterhead

{my_company} will meet with {client_name} to hear its preferences for letterhead design. Then {my_company} will design fully customized letterhead that incorporates the finalized logo that matches {client_name}’s vision. Once the design is complete, {my_company} will also print 500 letterhead and ship them to up to 10 of {client_name}’s employees, dividing them at {client_name}’s discretion.

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