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Marketing Proposal Template

Why You Should Download the Marketing Proposal Template

Win More Bids and Attract the Best Clients

You won’t get the chance to promote other businesses if you can’t promote yourself in your proposals.

That’s reality for a lot of marketing experts. Their proposals are bland and generic, so they’re forced to compete for mediocre clients on price. This template helps you break this frustrating cycle. See how to get noticed, showcase the value you can deliver, and attract the clients you really want to work with.

Turn Proposals from Chores into Persuasive Sales Tools

Giving up on marketing proposals isn’t an option. The best clients – clients willing to pay premium rates – usually won’t consider hiring you if you don’t submit a proposal first.

You’re stuck with proposals, so you might as well make them as painless and persuasive as possible. That’s what the we'll show you how to do with real-life examples to help you save time and land more clients.

Get Noticed and Position Yourself as the Best Choice on Every Project

There are countless marketing experts out there. Most of them are submitting proposals to the same group of select clients. You need a way to cut through this noise.

This proposal template shows you how to tap into client pain points and frame your services as comprehensive solutions. You’ll go beneath the “surface level” of projects and connect with clients on a deeper level, positioning yourself as the best choice for the marketing projects you want.

Save Time and Trouble by Following a Winning Framework

Not knowing what to say or how to put it all together are common roadblocks to writing effective marketing proposals. This document removes those obstacles for you. You’ll get a logical framework to follow so you can create your own persuasive proposals in record time.

What’s Inside the Proposal Template?

Here are just a few of the valuable tips you’ll find inside the Marketing Proposal Template: The ideal proposal structure for massive persuasive appeal:

  • The ideal proposal structure for massive persuasive appeal
  • How to appeal to a client’s self-interest by “translating” services you recommend into tangible client benefits
  • How to frame your pricing section to get clients to focus on value instead of dollar signs
  • How and where to showcase the unique value you can offer to clients
  • A professional design that makes a great impression and helps sell the client
  • The perfect length to persuade clients that you’re the best choice without losing their interest

Check out these sections from the Web Development Proposal Template

Marketing Challenges

With skeptical buyers saturated by media like never before, {client_name} needs to make strategic decisions regarding how it presents itself in order for promotional messages to stand out and reach prospects in a compelling way. {client_name} needs attentive, comprehensive marketing services to:

  • Cultivate a unique brand to distinguish itself from its competitors 
  • Analyze what others are doing in the {INDUSTRY} industry to find out what’s working and what’s not, and use that insight to its fullest advantage
  • Reach new customers using a combination of online and offline techniques
  • Launch irresistible new products, developed with marketing in mind from the beginning
Without putting a system in place to assure it reaches new customers using every tool at its disposal, {client_name} leaves its long-term profitability to chance in an overwhelmingly competitive market.

Delivering Results

{my_company}’s marketing consulting services will deliver the following results for {client_name}:

  • Develop a compelling, unforgettable brand – Your brand is your calling card to the outside world; use it wisely, and you can separate yourself from your competitors. We’ll create a brand that highlights your strengths in a unique way, and our graphic designers will design your logo to match.
  • Reach new customers using both online and offline techniques – The importance of digital media can’t be ignored, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon traditional media, either. We’ll develop a strategy for you that takes advantage of every platform available, offering you unprecedented exposure to new prospects.
  • Design a pipeline of irresistible new products and a strategic plan to promote them – Irresistible products begin with marketing considerations in mind. We’ll consult with you throughout the entire development process, leaving you with new products specifically designed to appeal to your target customers, and a strategy to promote them.

Recommendations for Your Company

To meet {client_name}’s needs, as described above, we recommend the following marketing services as part of this project:

Brand Positioning, Naming, and Graphic Identity

{my_company}’s creative team, business experts, and graphic designers will collaborate with you to develop a brand that aligns with your long-term vision. The end result will be a unique business identity that sets you apart from your competitors and leaves an unforgettable impression on your customers.

A Thorough Analysis of Your Competitors

We’ll conduct a meticulous analysis of your competitors’ marketing strategies. This will allow our team to determine which techniques are working well in your industry and to identify untapped opportunities. Then we’ll offer recommendations guided by those insights on how you can make every aspect of your marketing more effective.

Marketing Strategy Development for Both Online and Offline Media

We will develop a comprehensive promotional strategy to steadily expand your influence and encourage long-term growth. This strategy will describe how to utilize a balanced approach between digital and traditional media, allowing you to take advantage of a variety of platforms in today’s converged media environment.

Counseling for New Product Concepts and Development

{my_company} will work with {client_name} to develop innovate new products. These products will form the heart of your revamped marketing strategy, and we will give you a detailed plan of how to promote them after development.

Your Investment

Service Item Cost
Expanding Influence and Appeal Via Marketing Solution
  • Discovery – We will assess your current marketing strategies, take a look at what your competitors are doing, and identify new opportunities. 
  • Brand consultation and logo design – We will talk with you to get a clear understanding of your business and long-term goals. Then we will incorporate that vision into a marketable brand. 
  • Development of a marketing strategy for online and offline media – Using what we learned in the discovery phase, we will create a customized strategy to help you reach new prospects across digital and traditional media platforms. 
  • Collaborative product brainstorming and development – We will meet with you regularly to develop new products specifically designed to appeal to your target customers.

Why Choose {my_company}?

{client_name} needs to focus on the big picture of running its business. That’s why you want a company like {my_company} to worry about all the details of making a great impression with your customers. We can provide you with a comprehensive marketing solution to reach prospects across multiple media platforms, launch appealing new products, and tie the presentation together in the form of a unique, unforgettable brand. Here is just a sample of what we will bring to the table in our work for {client_name}:

  • {my_company} is experienced in online and offline marketing, helping you thrive in today’s media environment – Our team has experience promoting businesses in both online and offline media. Each platform offers distinct advantages; we know how to leverage them to help you reach the most prospects for the least expense. 
  • {my_company}’s lean, focused team is dedicated to bringing your customers an unforgettable experience, and you a competitive edge – Marketing efforts are useless if your prospects forget about you after hearing your messages. We treat every message as a valuable opportunity to give your prospects a memorable experience, which sets you apart from all your competitors.
  • {my_company} obsesses over every detail of how you present yourself to your customers – We obsess over the details so you don’t have to. From how you package your products to the way you format emails to customers, we will be there to offer guidance that enhances your presentation. Customers notice these things, and subtle improvements add up to a major competitive advantage.

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