The 4 Components of Custom Software Proposal Example

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Professionals in the IT industry are often asked to provide custom software proposals whenever they solicit business. Prospective clients want to get a formal overview of the service being offered to determine how it can suit their business. For people who are new at creating proposals, it is important to get some guidance. Finding a custom software proposal example is a good way to get started.

Using Open-Source Platforms

Most software developers work with open-source programs to meet their client’s requirements. However, there are actually a higher-than-usual percentage of developers, consultants, design studios, agencies, and other freelancers who are working on the same platform. That’s why having a detailed proposal is critical, it sets you apart from everyone else.

It all starts with making contact with clients. A lot of techies hate having to market themselves. Thus, they either work for a larger agency or rely on their network of contacts. Once prospective clients are interested, it’s time to show them your custom software proposal example. Proposal writing can be time-consuming but most developers rely on a template.

There are times though when the template isn’t enough. This is particularly true if you are working with clients who want the individual components of the work broken down. Some companies also need you to create highly customized paperwork that suits their needs exactly. So, what exactly is the formula you need to follow? Below are some guidelines:

Components of the Proposal

When you look at custom software proposal example, it becomes evident that the best ones follow a certain sequence that works. The document itself may be three or thirty pages long but its basic components should remain the same.

  • Identify the problem – it all starts with knowing what the clients need or want. This requires research. State exactly what the problem is and back it up with your findings. If you identify their goals properly, then they will read on.
  • Provide the solution and describe the steps to get there – this section is a critical point. Most people don’t know what they want until you tell them. So be as clear and descriptive as possible when proposing the solution. Explain the benefits of choosing your software proposal.
  • Explain why you’re the perfect person for the job – you know that you can do the job, now explain why hiring you is the right choice. Aside from past experience (be sure to mention this), you may also want to emphasize that you have a history of delivering the work on time and within their budget. Give examples of your previous work so that the client will understand what you’re capable of.
  • Give a quote – how much you charge depends mainly on what you think you’re worth and the current market rate. It is still possible to charge a higher amount compared to others if you can back it up.

By following the guidelines above, you’ll increase your chance of landing the project. Providing custom software proposal example has become a critical part of doing business today.


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by Ruben
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