Bidsketch Has a New Design

I’m extremely excited to announce that the much talked about Bidsketch design is now live!

Here’s a high level look of what’s included:

  • A hot new design (yep, it’s spiffy)
  • Faster editing of proposals
  • Customize the entire look and feel of Bidsketch
  • Additional proposal statuses (is that even a word?)
  • Flexible naming of proposal sections and fees

So I’ll jump right into it and talk about the features. This way you’ll get to see some screenshots of the new design at the same time.

First up, I mentioned faster editing of proposals as one of the enhancements. I’m specifically talking about the creating and editing of proposal sections. The opening/closing sections page has been completely rewritten to load faster.

Proposal Sections

Basically, instead of loading a bunch of WYSIWYG editor instances on this page, you’ll get a preview of the content in HTML. If you want to edit, just mouse over the section and click on edit.

Editing a section will show the next feature which now allows you to change the name of a section (or fee) and only affect the specific proposal you’re working on.

Sections Autocomplete

Another neat thing that you can do now is that you’ll have the option to replace the Bidsketch logo and completely change the look and feel to work with your brand.

Custom Design

Also, your proposals can now have several states besides active and pending. A client can postpone your proposal, or decline it (let’s hope not!).

Update: Stephanie was nice enough to remind me of another important status only viewable to you (not clients) called viewed. The pending status transparently changes to viewed as soon as your client views it online.

To do this, they’ll have a sweet little slider they can trigger on their newly redesigned landing page.


Last, but definitely not least, I really need to thank Ryan Scherf for helping me work out some of the trickier parts. He’s the reason why the design looks so nice. Thanks Ryan!

There are plenty of other smaller improvements that you’ll come across when using Bidsketch; just log in to your account and check out the update first hand, or peep at the new tour page and sign up if you don’t have an account.

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Geoff Labat

Excellent as always!!!!!


Thanks, Geoff!


cool stuff!

Matt Brickwood

Nice work. Very impressive new layout. A million times easier then the last one! 🙂

Patty Gale

Wow! Very nice! Thank you for all the updates. We absolutely LOVE Bidsketch.


Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the kind words 🙂


Love the new “viewed” status. Really nice updates.


I can’t believe I forgot to talk about the new “viewed” status. I’ll update the article now. Thanks!

Chris Olbekson

I finally got a chance to work with the new interface over the past few days. It’s a great improvement. This little web app has come a long way over the past year and I hope this project continues to be successful for you.

The new text editor is much better to work with except that I can’t find the spell check button.

I also had a tip for other users using the CNAME sub domain feature. I found out of the proposals I sent through the app went into my potential clients spam box so I added ([]) to my spf records as a permitted sender for my domain and tried it again and it went through with no problems.


Thanks Chris, that’s great to hear 🙂

And excellent tip about avoiding spam filters when using the custom domain feature! I’m going to add this to the instructions when setting up custom domains.

About the spell checker: no worries, I’ll be adding it back in the next few days. Thanks again!

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