Highrise Integration is Here

If you have a Highrise account, you’re going to love this release. (If you don’t have one, you’re totally missing out, sign up for one now.)

I’m super excited to be able to announce that Bidsketch tightly integrates with Highrise now. We’re not just talking simple importing of your contacts. Nope. While it does that too, you’ll actually be able to convert your Highrise deals into Bidsketch proposals. Notes will be posted and statuses will be changed. It’s craziness.

Take a high level look at what’s in store:

  • Import your Highrise contacts
  • Convert your Highrise deals into proposals
  • Notes are added to Highrise on major proposal events
  • Deal status is kept in sync with your proposal status
  • Deals are added to Highrise when creating a proposal

To enable Highrise integration just log into Bidsketch and go to the Account -> Integrations page. You’ll have the option to import your contacts when activating your integration. Check out the video below for a quick overview:


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yeah dope, i’ll try this out on the next job 🙂

Internet Marketing Los Angeles

This platform looks promising will be trying it out.


This is the key reason we are considering BidSketch. In testing things it requires Highrise contacts to have a company assigned which we don’t currently do in out flow so this will need to be something we look at.

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