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These days, it really does feel like there is an app, tool, or type of software to solve any and all problems.

Well, maybe not—that’s a bit of a reach. However, if there’s something you need done to help you as an entrepreneur and in your small business, you’ll likely find tons of options for tools that can make your life easier.

However, many of these tools don’t come cheap. While there are plenty of offerings that are worth the price tag, I wanted to share my list of the best free tools, apps, and software offerings for freelancers, or entrepreneurs running very small businesses.

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Briana MorgaineBriana Morgaine

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Are you beginning to break out on your own, and finally starting your own small freelance or “solopreneur” business?

If so, congratulations—it’s a big leap.

But, don’t get caught up in the thrill of entrepreneurship just yet; there are still plenty of i’s to dot and t’s to cross.

The reality is, starting your own business (even when it’s just you) can be pretty overwhelming, and it’s easy to worry that you’re doing something wrong.

So, I’ve reached out to the experts—entrepreneurs who have successfully started their own small businesses, many of them as freelancers first (or exclusively).

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Briana MorgaineBriana Morgaine

Boost SEOAlong with the increasing turn toward content-based marketing, there has been a parallel rise in demand for freelance work. But among freelancers, there’s also stiff competition.

There are an estimated 53 million freelancers in the US alone, and that doesn’t even factor in workers in other countries. After all, the internet is the great enabler. But supply and demand are not enough; freelancers and clients actually have to find one another.

Sure, there are plenty of websites where freelancers can bid for jobs, but this is a very time-consuming process, and that directly cuts into the time you can spend actually doing jobs for which you get paid. And let’s not even discuss the hefty cut of the profits these sites take when you finally do land work. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if clients came to you?

There’s a reason that marketers with SEO expertise are always sending off proposals. They know how to generate their own demand.

Making a few key investments in marketing yourself can make that happen. Having a great website and quality content is a good start, but it’s not enough to turn up in Google search results. Here are 5 ways you can boost your SEO (and your potential clientele) as a freelancer.

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John JantschJohn Jantsch

A space shuttle launching.Competing in today’s fast-moving markets is stressful enough for experienced freelancers, but for a newbie the risks are often difficult to predict.

In addition, you could miss out on opportunities if you don’t understand where to focus your efforts. Freelancing is a demanding career choice, and if you don’t get the basics right you won’t get very far.

In this piece, we’ll set out six essentials you should take into consideration to ensure you get the launch you deserve. Let’s take a look!

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If you’re hating the nine-to-five grind, you may be thinking “I could do better than this!”, and it’s true – you can. Freelancing is an incredible opportunity to follow your heart and your skills. However, you may also be worrying about whether you can cut it.

A bit of caution is not a bad thing; you may want to make sure that the lifestyle suits you, and that there’s enough demand for your services out there before you take the plunge. Freelancing in your spare time is a feasible and realistic way to test the market.

But if you do go freelance on top of your day job, you need to know that balancing the two is no easy feat. So, how can you do this without (a) tearing all your hair out, (b) not doing any of your work properly, and/or (c) working yourself into a meltdown?

Here are six ways to optimize your workload so you can cope with both and be a success. Let’s have a look!

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Tom EwerTom Ewer