Freelance Earning PotentialImitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s also a great way to legitimately learn as well.

I know some of my best insights have come from ‘reverse-engineering’ the successful outcomes of other folks. Figuring out the what and why of their methods is just as useful (if not more useful) than reading guides and how-to’s.

It’s for this reason that I tend to love interviews, at least when they cater to a specific topic and actually add value. I’ve talked to talented web designers and freelance writers in articles past, but today I wanted to bridge an entirely different gap with an interview on something many freelancers mull over in their heads—how can a contract freelancer diversify their income with premium products?

To answer that question, I’ve brought on board someone who is able to do both extremely well—Paul Jarvis. With a waiting list months long, enviable clientele and a slew of well-made products, Paul is certainly one of those folks who has successfully made the leap into product territory.

If you’re interested in hearing a first hand interview of how a sought after contract freelancer took his business up a notch with awesome, well-received products (including themes and books), read on…

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Gregory CiottiGregory Ciotti

If you caught our interview on how to be a successful freelance web designer last week and wanted more, but from a different perspective and an entirely different industry, today you get your wish!

For all of you freelance writers out there, be prepared to totally fall in love with this post (and the gals featured) as we break down how 2 successful ladies turned freelance writing into a full-time career.

We’ll take a look at the pitfalls that they faced in the journey, as well as reveal what lessons you can take away from their years of experience.

From getting more clients to charging what your time is worth, Carol Tice from Make A Living Writing and Kristi Hines from Kikolani are here today to answer all of the most important questions on succeeding as a full-time freelance writer.

Prepare to take some notes!

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Gregory CiottiGregory Ciotti