This Simple Change Will Win You More Proposals

What’s the best way to turn a bland proposal into something people will actually read?

You inject emotion into it.

Let’s see how that works. We’ll learn the simple steps you can take to put emotion to work for improved sales.

Why People Buy

People buy on emotion, they don’t buy based on facts and figures. If we bought based on stats, the only thing we ask for would be a spec sheet. We don’t. We need pictures (or videos) to look at. We ask for demos to see software in action, and demand to see prior work as proof of skill.

So while your proposal needs to let clients know you understand their problem and can solve it, you need to engage them with your words. You want to get your point across while being tactful about replacing rational words with emotional ones.

Emotion in Action

That’s great and all, but let’s make this concrete by throwing out several examples to see what this looks like.

A few rational words:

  • combat
  • sufficient
  • notion
  • construct
  • allow
  • purchase
  • excellent

And some emotional ones:

  • fight
  • idea
  • powerful
  • unique
  • successful
  • amazing
  • intense

This is a small example that I’ve lifted from the excellent book titled Web Copy That Sells. This is a very simple tactic that’ll breathe life into your proposals. I highly recommend that you read the book to improve copy on your sales website, as well as your proposals. Be warned though, what works on your sales website may not work on proposals.

Also, check out a nifty app created by Paul Galloway that can help you with those emotional words:

Get started now by filling out this example SEO proposal worksheet. Remember to include as many emotional words as possible.

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