How to Write Proposal Titles That Win Deals

Do the titles of your proposals look like this?

  • Marketing Project for Company X
  • New Website Development Proposal for Company Y

If you’re like most people your proposal titles probably look like the above examples; this means you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to stand out from your competition.

Breaking Down the Bad Examples

Let’s talk about why these are bad ways to title a proposal.

Marketing Proposal for Company X

The problem with the above title is that it’s too general. It’s boring.

It’s the type of title that no one really reads; you glance at it (maybe) and move on. Also, you want to avoid using the word “proposal” in the title; your client already knows it’s a proposal.

New Website Development Proposal for Company Y

This next one is similar to the first except that it’s a tiny bit more specific. But again, it’s too general.

A service description followed by a company name is not going to entice your customer to keep reading.

So What Does a Good Title Look Like?

Good titles are short yet specific enough to include the result they want, in words anyone can understand.

When I say short I mean it’s best to keep titles under 10 words.

Including the result will show the client that you understand what they’re looking for (always a good idea).

Examples of good titles:

  • Increasing Leads Through Social Media Campaigns
  • Cutting Advertising Costs With Improved Natural Search Rankings

Note the verbs used in the above titles. You’re talking about taking them from their a bad situation to a good one. Make sure to include a verb that focuses on the change they seek.

It’s tempting to use internal company terminology or product names to describe how they’ll attain the benefit you mention in the title — don’t do it.

Keep things simple and only use terms the client knows and will understand.

Remember, next time you write a proposal title ask yourself if the title you’ve written is something that’ll make your client want to read more.



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College station web design

I made one just yesterday and contemplated the dry title I had entered. Thanks for the tips!

Lance Sonka

I agree, crafting the proposal to resemble a story helps to “firm the pitch.”

Karen Kubiak

Great tips, Ruben. Thanks!


Thanks! Glad you found it helpful.


Hey Ruben,

Thanks for the pointers.
I never acutally thought of doing it that way – I have a proposal to get out today and i am going to give it a try.


Nice tip! I have never really thought about my titles. They are usually something really basic like “Web Design”.

All the tips on this site have really helped me out, thanks!


Love to hear that Casey! Thanks 🙂

Graham – nice work implementing it right away. They say that’s a major attribute of very successful people (speed of implementation).

Jean Walker

Thanks that is great advice I’ve personally make that mistake a few times in some proposals.


Great advice Ruben,, thanks for posting!


First impressions are important. Thanks for the reminder.

Courtney Ramirez

I am kicking myself! I’m a copywriter and should have known better! Thanks for the great article – I’m trying it out today. 🙂

Patty Gale

Great post, Ruben! I’m embarrassed to admit I guess I never thought of proposal titles, either. I have 2 proposals to work on this week and will definitely be using this!


@Courtney, @Patty – Love to hear that you’re implementing so soon!

Courtney Ramirez

Just some feedback – in my first two proposals out the gate with this technique, I landed them both!


@Courtney That’s awesome; Congrats! 🙂

Design Sail

This is a great idea since the first thing that they see is the title, if it just seems like another web development company just looking to build them a website then its no use to them. If its a company that is trying to increase revenues then capturing it in the headline is a good idea.

Great post~ Thanks for sharing


Just available when I need it and your post is the first I pick on the Google! Finally have done two business proposals few minutes ago and I believe I need awesome ideas from someone on the Internet to write the emails subjects title. Your suggestion to use verbs is something I never thought at all. That’s great one! I’ll tell you what the results later in couple of days (if it is successful, lol). Thanks a lot for sharing, mate.


Highly appreciated tips.


Thanks a lot for tips, now I have a better title for my proposal.
How about d perfect steps to writing a proposal?

Hello, just wanted to say, I liked this article. It was practical. Keep on posting!

ssegujja Abdul

i am a student at markerere university doing a Degree in Science Marketing i really need help in writing a marketing proposal

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