How to Write Proposal Titles That Win Deals

by Ruben 2 Minutes

Do the titles of your proposals look like this?

  • Marketing Project for Company X
  • New Website Development Proposal for Company Y

If you’re like most people your proposal titles probably look like the above examples; this means you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to stand out from your competition.

Breaking Down the Bad Examples

Let’s talk about why these are bad ways to title a proposal.

Marketing Proposal for Company X

The problem with the above title is that it’s too general. It’s boring.

It’s the type of title that no one really reads; you glance at it (maybe) and move on. Also, you want to avoid using the word “proposal” in the title; your client already knows it’s a proposal.

New Website Development Proposal for Company Y

This next one is similar to the first except that it’s a tiny bit more specific. But again, it’s too general.

A service description followed by a company name is not going to entice your customer to keep reading.

So What Does a Good Title Look Like?

Good titles are short yet specific enough to include the result they want, in words anyone can understand.

When I say short I mean it’s best to keep titles under 10 words.

Including the result will show the client that you understand what they’re looking for (always a good idea).

Examples of good titles:

  • Increasing Leads Through Social Media Campaigns
  • Cutting Advertising Costs With Improved Natural Search Rankings

Note the verbs used in the above titles. You’re talking about taking them from their a bad situation to a good one. Make sure to include a verb that focuses on the change they seek.

It’s tempting to use internal company terminology or product names to describe how they’ll attain the benefit you mention in the title — don’t do it.

Keep things simple and only use terms the client knows and will understand.

Remember, next time you write a proposal title ask yourself if the title you’ve written is something that’ll make your client want to read more.



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by Ruben
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