Have your gloves on?

You’re going to need them today. That’s because we’re talking about something that’s been hotly debated among freelancers since the beginning of the profession.

Hourly vs Fixed

Of all the topics related to freelancing, from sales proposals to marketing, there’s one that always gets people heated and is met with debate on all sides. This topic causes so much division that today we’re going to settle it, once and for all.

If we’re going to make progress on this incredibly important topic, we’re going to need to hear your opinion. So please make sure to present your perspective after I’ve presented the evidence.

So, what are the strengths for hourly rates and fixed rates? What are their weaknesses?

Below, I’ll show you the insightful cases made by two prominent freelancers who take opposing sides on the issue, and I’ll add my thoughts on each.

Let’s get this thing started!

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Gregory CiottiGregory Ciotti

A good contract is vital for your profits, as it defines what your customers can expect from your services, as well as what you will get from them. Unfortunately, drafting one is time-consuming, and it can be hard to know what to include.

Contracts are important, though, because while many small businesses feel they should work on trust, the results can be disastrous. Getting your terms and expectations fixed in print is the only way to guarantee profitable and reliable outcomes.

Below, we’ll look at five key steps to help you to create and agree contracts that are profitable for both you and your client. Let’s have a look!

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Most businesses would give their proverbial right arm to attract high-end customers in sectors where there is a good reward for the time and effort invested. However, in reality many end up chasing ever-decreasing margins to compete in crowded markets. They soon find that these elusive clients are the impossible dream.

Here’s the reality check: for high-spenders, price is not the issue. Therefore, if you want to make great profits you have to understand what makes them buy. Being in tune with the client’s mindset is key to selling into this lucrative market.

Below, we’ll take a look at the five key differentiators that will help you set your business apart, and attract this group of customers. We’ll also look at how you can use these steps to grow your own profits. Let’s get started!

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A close-up of an open flame.It’s a common scenario: you’re excited about a really great prospective client, you’d love to work for them, but time goes by and either you don’t hear from them at all, or you get turned down. It’s demoralizing, it wastes your time, and you don’t want it to happen again. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there…

However, nobody is doomed to face rejection after rejection. With the right tactics and tools, you can really boost your prospect conversion rates, and you won’t need to scatter dozens of pitches at unlikely potential clients in the hope that one will accept your proposal, either.

Below, we’re going to look at six great, surefire ways to turn good prospects into great clients with the least pain and most gain possible. Let’s go!

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making client relationships work Google SearchIt’s very simple:

We can’t generate revenue without clients.

And this means that the only thing more important than learning how to offer the best value experience for our products and services is learning how to maintain great client relationships.

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Terri ScottTerri Scott