Bidsketch and SixCentral

I just posted a rough outline of the SixCentral roadmap here:

Basically, I talk about the need to rebrand SixCentral as Bidsketch and merge the most important SixCentral features into Bidsketch.

I received quite a few emails and there were a couple of Tweets about the news. Most was positive, though one person took offense to my pricing “pitch”. I removed that part from the blog post as I wanted the attention to remain on the roadmap.

I found it interesting that half of the people I’ve talked to prefer the name SixCentral, while the other half prefer Bidsketch. Each feels the other name is truly horrible for this type of product. Interesting how people have completely opposite views like that.

Well, I knew the change wouldn’t be popular with some people, but it’s necessary to move things forward.

On a more positive note: Bidsketch is now live!!

I’ve redirected everything to and it’s available for signups from the general public.

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